Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Post

So here we go folks, my first post... 

So I've been wondering what to say on this special occasion, the launching of my blog that I have been putting off together for weeks now.  I mean it should be witty, funny, super spectacular since it will be your first impression of me.  It should be something to catch your attention and entertain you so you'll come back, right?  Well, guess what, after sittin' here pondering over what to say for like an hour I'm just goin' with it 'cause for those of you who know me well know that I can sit here and over analyze this for days, and days I don't got.  I do hope you like what you see and I do hope you come back often to check out what I'm doing.  I can't promise to post often, but I will post as soon as I have time.  I can't promise to always entertain you with my funny wit, although more times than not its gonna be funny 'cause that's just me...  I try my best to laugh through life 'cause if not its just plain ol' boring!  Life's too short to frown!  (besides if you're smiling no one notices those wrinkles!)

I also can't tell you what you'll see 'cause I never know what I'm going to be working on next.  Today I may be painting furniture and tomorrow I might be making a wreath or a flower arrangement - who knows, just depends on what someone asks me to do...  And, on those rare occasions when I get to do whatever I want to do, well, who knows, just depends on what I am in the mood to do.  There are not enough days, hours or minutes for me to do all the things that bounce around in my empty head!

So bear with me as I figure all this blog stuff out!  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions!


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