Monday, August 22, 2011

Marissa's Coffee Table

My friend Marissa always gets the BEST bargains!  You know the type, the one that just happens to be at Tuesday Morning when the 100% silk drapes for $19.99 come in - yeah, that type.  If she wasn't so dang nice I'd probably dislike her a whole lot!  Well, she calls me up and says she picked up this coffee table at Goodwill for $14.99 and wants to know if I can make it look like that one at Pottery Barn that she just LUVS, but they're asking $700 for it so she'll never have it, "you know the one Debbie, you know, its distressed cream on the bottom and the top is natural or stained or whatever..."  "Sure" I say just drop it off.  So here she (yeah, I know all my furniture is female - I think its because I live in a house full of males) is in the beginning.  Really a very nice table, just some scratches and what-not that can be fixed easily.  So I flip her over to start painting because I usually start upside down and I could kill myself for not taking a picture of what I saw, but I promise I wouldn't lie about a thing like this, but as luck would have it what do I see branded on the underside - friggin' ETHAN ALLEN - yep, that's right, she'd done it again!  Some people have all the luck!

Sorry people, but once again I forgot the in-between shots, I promise I'm going to do better!  But here's how she turned out:

I love how the sides fold down.

Here are some close-ups so you can see some of the details (at least I didn't forget that part!)

I'd say she got her $700 table after all!


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