Monday, August 22, 2011

Mrs. Paige's Kitchen

So my sweet friend Paige teaches preschool and she has the CUTEST classroom evah!  It is so stinkin' cute it makes me want to go to preschool!  So she asks me if I could paint this little kitchen set she got.  Well, first of all, let me just put it on out there that I am sooooo intimidated because she is like the most CREATIVE person I know and is so capable of doing this herself, and I promise it would be sooooooo much cuter than anything I can do!  So she tells me she wants it cute, but subdued, not busy (remember these words).  Maybe just plain ol' white with some soft flowers.  Well, I do that, and people let me just say it was boring, and I mean B-O-R-I-N-G!  So I text her and I ask her what she thinks about stripes - says she loves them - so I repaint the little kitchen using stripes, and when I'm done I hate it and I mean H-A-T-E it!  So I repaint it again and this time I just go with what I'm feeling. 

Here is what it looked like before (well this is what the stove looked like, of course I forgot to take a pic of the sink before I got started - soooo gotta get better about that!  but suffice it to say it looked similar):

And here it is after I'm done going with the flow:


I am thinking:  she is sooooo going to K-I-L-L me!  and I text her saying just that because this is soooooo NOT what we talked about - remember:  subdued, non-busy...

uhm hum... subdued and non-busy...

Oh yeah, she did say she wanted them distressed, well, I did get that part right!  Here they are after I've finished going with the flow and distressing them:

My favorite parts are the sides.  And I'm thinking, "yeah, I think that distressing toned them down a bit."  uhm hum...

uhm hum...  subdued and non-busy...  she is sooooooo going to K-I-L-L me!

My sweet little neighbors who visit me everyday to check the progress, everytime saying "you repainted them AGAIN???"  well, they're LOVING it and they keep reassuring me and telling me that if my friend doesn't like them then there is something "seriously wrong with her" - lol!  I love children!  (BTW, Anna-Majors' favorite part is the sink!)

So I'm done and I text my friend saying that I am FINALLY done (only missed my deadline by three days - I've NEVER missed a deadline - my OCDism just about did me in on that fact alone!) and I assure her that if she totally hates it we can repaint it (but secretly I'm thinking I'm going to die, just kill over D-E-A-D if I gotta repaint these darn things one more time! - besides I LOVED them and so did Anna-Majors and Coleman and EVERYONE else who saw them!  surely she would love them too - but those words kept haunting me - ya know the ones...


So I load them in the car and I deliver them.  She is worried to death and I catch her peeking out the window because I have freaked her out so bad she just knows she is going to H-A-T-E them and she wants to be prepared to tell me what a friggin' mess I have made of her cute little kitchen (but in a nice way, because that's how she is), but thank the Big Man Upstairs (that I had secretely been begging to intervene so that my friend would not K-I-L-L me because I wasn't quite ready to meet Him yet!) she L-O-V-E-D them!!!!!  And, I must admit, they look so stinkin' cute in her stinkin' cute classroom!!!


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  1. freakin adorable!!! AND I'm ur first follower..just sayin :)

  2. thanks Lucy!! I think it turned out pretty darn cute! AND I am super glad you are my first follower!!

  3. such a great transformation!!! great job!!