Monday, August 22, 2011

Sally Re-Do

So the next thing I did for sweet Emaline is a Sally Re-Do.  Hopefully my FB fans remember Sally.  She was a sweet little thing that needed a new life.  Well, Emaline's mamma bought her, but remember from my prior post when I said Emaline didn't like the distressed look???  (I know, I know, how could you not??  but we are all entitled to our opinions and we all like different things, its what makes the world go round.)  Anyway, as I was saying Miss Emaline doesn't like the distressed look and Sally was heavily distressed.  For the newcomers this is what she looked like:

Emaline also wanted her to be more white and less "off" so I repainted her.  Here she is now:

Emaline likes her much better! 

Here's one more shot of Sally.  I also painted a bed for Emaline, but I don't have an after pic so I'll have to show it later.  I'm waiting for all the new stuff to come in so I can see it all put together.  It's gonna be sooooooo cute!


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