Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bianca's Bench

The other day on one of my daily trips to Hobby Lobby (I swear it feels that way!) I run into Bianca and she says "hey, how much would you charge me to paint a small bench."  Well, I look at her like she has three eyes because hellooooo she's The Sign Lady!  That's right, Bianca is the lady who paints all those cuuuuuute signs and she's asking ME to paint HER bench.  So I give her a price and she drops it off later that day.  I discover it when I go outside and see something new among all my "treasures" under my carport.  (I'm sure my neighbors are loving this new venture of mine)  Anyway, here's this super cute bench waiting for me to doll her up.  She's nothing like what I expcted.  I was expecting, well, you know, a bench, not this cute setee (that has lots of spindles - you know I tell everyone that chairs are the spawn of Satan, because of all those spindles - lol!)


Well, luckily for Bianca, I have some other things to paint the same color she has chosen for her bench (plus add in the factor that its super cute and I'm super excited to see the end result, so I get started).  I paint her in that pretty blue/turquoise/aqua color - I really don't know what to call it - Annie Sloan calls it Provence, but you people aren't going to know what "Provence" is if you dont paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so I'm going with "pretty blue" because that's what everyone asks for when they ask me to paint something for them with that color.

After I paint her with that "pretty blue" paint, then I distress her and wax her and here she is now.  Super cute!!

Here are some close-ups:

Look, I even put hiney spots (ya know those places where the paint wears off where your hiney lands)

And this is where my story ends (get it ends, like your rear-end???  I know I crack me up too!)

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