Sunday, September 18, 2011


Meet Bob. He's this really cute chair that I recently finished. I sooooooo wish you could see his before picture, but I cannot find it! I have several before pics that are missing. I'm not sure what happened, but I took them all on the same day and for some reason they are all missing. urrrggghhh!!!! But trust me when I tell you that Bob was a sight for sore eyes! Someone had tried to paint him black, and apparently they didn't realize that sometimes you have to do more than one coat of paint, so they tossed him out. Luckily, his savior (that would be me) came along!

Bob wears a coat of many colors.  I'm sure he probably started out his life as some sort of brown.  Obviously at one time he was white, then he tried to be black.  Well, thanks to me and Annie Sloan he now wears a coat of Emperor's Silk (that would be red for you non-Annie Sloan folks). 

I think it suits him well!

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