Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chloe's Vanity Table

A couple of weeks ago Chloe's mamma sends me a message on FaceBook and says Miss Chloe would like a vanity table and asked if I could be on the lookout for a "budget-friendly" one. Luckily, I tell another friend I'm on the look-out for a "budget-friendly" vanity table. A couple of days later she's at the Goodwill in Daphne, which is the town next to us and says she may have found what we're looking for. Luck is on our side because I just happen to be in Daphne so I meet here there. SCORE! Check out this "budget-friendly" vanity table we got for - are you ready??? $24.99. Yep, that's right, I said $24.99. It's the pefect size because Chloe's room is not very large, and while it may not be the prettiest thing, I've got great vision! My friend points out that we could insert window screen into those openings on the side of the mirror for Chloe to put her earrings. So we pack her in the car and I do the happy butt cheek dance all the way to Chloe's house to show her mamma. She thinks its perfect and after seeing her room and the color scheme I decide to paint it turquoise. She also asks if it would be possible to get it done in time for Chloe's birthday - sure thing I say

After placing a board on the bottom to hold the drawer in place and tightening the legs on the stool, I remove the lovely plastic pull handle.

I fill the wholes with some wood putty because I picked up this super cute knob at the local Hobby Lobby. (Of course I forgot to take a picture of the super cute knob, but you'll see it later).

Here she is all painted. I actually started distressing her, but then I decided I didn't like the look, and I also remember my other young friends don't like the distressed look so I'm thinking Chloe probably won't either. I decide not to distress it and to also add a poly when I'm done. 

I cut pieces of window screen for the inserts beside the mirror. I had told Chloe's mamma that I was going to paint the screen white, and then she came up with the idea of painting a flower on them.

Well here she is all made up (get it? made-up, ya know like make-up?  I know, I crack me up too!) Not bad for $24.99...

plus about $4 in really cute frabic...

plus $4 for a super cute knob

Plus a little window screen I had laying around the house - everybody has that laying around the house don't they?

and a little artistic touch...

So Chloe's mom brings her by after school. I had put a blanket over it (its kind of hard to wrap something like this).  I'm holding my breath because I'm worried she's not going to like it.  Is she going to think its too little girlish???  the suspense is killing me! I think she likes it...

"OMGeee it is soooooo cuuuuute!!" (or words to that effect, and I must say not nearly as cute as her)

My birthday wish for Chloe is that when she looks in that mirror she always sees the beauty inside...

Happy Birthday sweet Chloe! Luv you!


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