Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here's Dave.  Sorry, no before photo, this is one of those MIA pics, but let's just say he was a little rough around the edges.  No paint, no stain, but good structure and really groovy legs! Someone asked me one time how I know if something is male or female. Well, I just feel it.  This piece struck me as a male. Reminds me of some fisherman hanging out at one of those waterfront bars like in Maryland or someplace like that.   Its kind of the same with their name.  While I'm working on the piece I usually talk to it (yeah, I'm freaky that way) and a name usually just comes to me.  But I digress (happens a lot with me).  So here's Dave.

He has really groovy feet too!

Just check out those legs!  Dave has it goin' on!

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