Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emily's Jewelry Organizer

So my last project for Emily was this jewelry organizer.  I've seen lots of them out there in web land, but this is my version.  Emily mainly wears post earrings so the typical chickenwire and window screen tricks would not work.  I came up with this idea:

I started with a plain ol' frame and started painting it white (almost forgot the before pic!). 

It will be going in her bathroom which is pink and white so I decided to keep it all white.

Then I added rows of trim and fabric binding (I think that's what you call it - I don't sew so I am not familiar with the terms).  Whatever you call it I like it!  It was more interesting to me than ribbon, and you can easily insert post earrings.  Since it will be hanging on a wall she needed access behind the "ribbon" so she could add the back of the earring.  She will also be able to add hanging earrings as well.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

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