Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've been so busy decorating everyone else's door for Halloween I haven't had time to do my own.  So last night I asked my family if they'd mind ordering pizza so WE could decorate our door.  Flower Bud (who is 5'9" and 155 lbs.) was all for pizza, and would occasionally walk out to check the decorating progress. Mr. Flower Child helped stretch the spider web and then was pretty much done.  So I'm sure you can figure out who did the majority of the work.  That's usually how it goes at the Flower Child house of love.  Of course, I do enjoy it, but thought it'd be a fun FAMILY affair.  I should have known better.  They'll try to give you some story about me being a control freak and re-doing whatever they do so why bother - at least that's been their story in the past, but I really don't have a clue what they're talking about.  Well, enough about the Flower Child family.  So here's our front door this year.  They don't show up very well in the picture, but I found some dead tree branches in the yard (thank goodness Mr. Flower Child hasn't had time to clean the yard!). I spray painted them black and made an archway going onto the porch.  Mr. Flower Child got a little happy with the spider web so its a little hard to see the branches (but I did NOT redo the webbing, if I had you'd be able to see the branches!  lol!)

Here's another view.

I had painted this dead branch also, but it didn't look right with the other branches.  I thought it made a great witch's broom though.  

Here's a little closer view.

I dressed it up with a cute bow.

I had these two planters with topiary forms that flank each side of the door.  Unfortunately my plants died, and at first I was going to leave them that way, because hey, dead plants kind of go with the theme right???  but then I remembered I had this white mesh so I made these cute little ghosts.

Bad thing about selling what you make is you don't have anything for yourself, or at least not until the season is over and then you have the leftovers when you don't need them.  I was trying to come up with something different for the front door.  I happened to remember all these empty frames I've been picking up at yard sales and I got this idea.  I think it turned out pretty neat.  Even Flower Bud said it was pretty cool so it must be.

Here's a close-up of the cute bow.  Sorry, I didn't do a close-up of the spider, call me crazy, but I kinda thought y'all would rather see the bow???

Here's a night time view.

So that's it for now.  Hope y'all have a groovy Halloween! 


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kara's Table

My sweet high school buddy asked me if I could paint her table and chairs.  I said sure thang girlfriend!  She says she wants an earthy, beachy feel and she loves the rustic white stuff I had been doing, with maybe some blue peeking through. 

 Would you belive that this:

Started out like this:

So how did I get from country to beachy you ask?  Well, like this:

First I painted it with another "pretty blue," a more subtle blue than the other "pretty blue."

Then I painted it with the off white.

And then I started sanding.  As I sanded the blue would come through in some places.

See that drip?  Well, I stratigically place drips here and there.  My husband about freaked out because I had a "drip," until I explained that I had purposfully put it there.  I tried to explain that I wanted it to look like it had been in the family for generations and had been painted multiple times and that there would have been drips along the way.  He and his OCDism couldn't quite grasp the concept - lol!  Luckily, my friend loves drips and totally understood!  I LOVE the detail around the bottom of the table.  I really wanted it to stand out so I tried to sand down to the blue so that it showed it off a little better.

I wish I had gotten a better shot of the top so that you could see the blue peaking out here and there.

I think the detail on the chairs showed up nicely also.

My husband and son helped me sand the chairs.  I had to teach them how to sand the seats in places that get the most wear, like where your hiney goes.  Once they got the hang of it I had to slow them down because they got a little "happy" with the sanding.

As much as I HATE painting spindles on chairs (truly, they are the spawn of Satan!), I must admit that these are gorgeous!

I think it turned out beautifully, but the true beauty is the story behind it. See my friend could have gone out and bought a new table and chairs, but she had bought this table and chairs several years ago at a time when she really didn't have much money.  She had seen it and fallen in love with with it, but she had two babies and no money.   She saved, and saved and saved until she had the money to buy it.   It is a reminder to herself of what she can accomplish with a little hard work and determination.

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Here's a story about sweet girl named Martha.  She was a pretty girl, but she had been picked on by some unruly kids.  They had scratched her and carved their names on her.  Then they threw her out at Goodwill.  Luckily, I came along and found her!  I took her home, and I sanded her top and got rid of all those ol' scratches and tattoos.

Then I painted her and gave her some pretty new tattoos.

Then I sanded her and waxed her.

Buffed her all up until she was as shiny as glass.

Check out all her pretty details!

I'm happy to report that Martha went to live with a nice young family who will take good care of her! 

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Metal Tray Chalkboards

You know those metal trays you see at Goodwill and thrift stores that have seen better days?  You know the ones, someone gave it to you as a wedding gift and you either used it so much that all the silver has worn off or you kept it long enough until you felt it was "safe" to donate it to Goodwill?  Then they sit there and no one ever buys them because just like you they donated theirs already or they are just waiting until its "safe" to donate it.  Well, I figured out something useful and cute to do with them!!  I took this:

and made into this:


Pretty cute, huh?!!  Here are a few more:

Hope this made you:

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The 181 Market

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been a busy girl!  I rented a space at The 181 Market and I have been trying to get things ready to stock my space.  For those of you who are not familiar with The 181 Market it is a set of storage buildings where the owner has rented out the units in the first couple of buildings to people to open "shops."  It is a big flea market and I thought I'd rent a space and give it a try.  So far I've done pretty well!  As you can imagine its a storage unit so its not very pretty and you know I want it to be all cute!.  So how does a girl cutsify a storage building?  Well I'll show ya.

You start with this:

Here's the outside.  I made some big mesh bows and put them outside.  Not only does it dress it up, it also gets people's attention and hopefully draws them in.

Here's a little peek inside.  See those pom poms in the middle?  I made those out of tissue paper.

So y'all come on in.  I found this old suitcase in the trash when I went to a yard sale.  I dug it out and cleaned it up, then I put a coat of wax on it.  Pretty cute with all my stuff in it, huh?  And my friend laughed at me when I dug it out of the trash, so who's laughing now, huh???  lol!

The ceiling was pretty yucky so I draped some tulle across it.  Not only does it help camoflouge some of the ugly, it also adds a little bit of color and interest.  

See that garland across the top?  Got that idea from Pinterest. Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  Fair warning if you haven't, it's like crack for craftaholics, it just takes once and you are hooked - lol!  So on the garland, all you do is take a string of Christmas lights and tie ribbon on it all the way down.  (yes I said ALL the way down - very easy, but VERY time consuming! but it sure looks cute up there!)  I get lots of comments on the light garland.

And I LUV this chalkboard I made out of a frame I picked up at an estate sale. see that chalk holder?  Its a drawer pull turned upside down.  Another idea from Pinterest.  I LUV Pinterest!

We aren't allowed to drill holes into the walls and magnets don't always hold the heavier items so I hung burlap from floor to ceiling and hang things on.

Here's one of the frames I made.  I cut a cross from a piece of burlap and put on there.

I lucked out when the girl who had this space before me didn't know you couldn't drill holes in the wall.  She had put up these cute shelves before she found out.  Its a great place to display my frames!

Here's another piece of burlap on the other side of the shelves.

This is a cute chalkboard I made out of tray I picked up at Goodwill.

Remember Bob, the little red chair?

Isn't this the coolest hat box?  My friend got it at Goodwill for me.  I had other plans for it, but It looks awfully cute displaying all my stuff don't ya think?

I got that ladder at an estate sale that was being held at a rally cool building in the town where I live.  Everyone always thought the building was empty, but it wasn't.  The man who lived there finally had to move to an assisted living facility so his family sold the building.  When they had the estate sale I got this ladder along with several other cool things.

I thought this was a cool frame.  I picked it up at an estate sale and painted it this neat green color.  

Here's a look at the other side.

I decorated this screen door in a fall theme.  I'm happy to report that I've had to decorate it three times because I keep selling the decorations!  yaaayyy!

This is the wreath wall.  I got lucky again because the girl before me had hung this chicken wire.  It's great for hanging my wreaths.

Not sure why, but the rest of the pics didn't post.  I'll pick up with them in the next post.

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