Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dragonfly Wings

WOW! I can't believe I haven't posted since my Halloween post! So sorry guys, but life has been in full speed mode and probably won't slow down until after the holidays so just bear with me.

As y'all know I decorate a lot of doors. I don't always post about the doors I decorate, mainly because I'm so busy decorating the doors that I don't have time to post about them, but I did want to post about this one because it is about someone special. I've actually known about this lady for several years, but only recently had the pleasure of meeting her in person. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and I'm not the only one who says that, in fact anytime her name is mentioned it is always followed by "she is just the sweetest person." I promise, no exaggerating! So Elizabeth (that's the sweetest lady in the world's name) tells me she wants me to come decorate her door. So I go over to check out her digs and get the scoop on what she wants. She tells me she wants it to be "over the top!" and then she shows me all this stuff that she has, all kinds of fun, whimsical things (I'm thinking, Oh Yaaaayyyy!! right up my alley!!!) and then she says those magical words that every creative person wants to hear "just do whatever you want!" (oh yeah, dream job, because I can tell she actually means it - not like some who say "do whatever you want" but you can tell they really don't want you to do whatever you want because they don't quite trust you enough to believe that you know what you're talkin' about, know what I mean?). I'm tellin' ya the only thing that can top this is when they add the all-time magical words of "I don't care what it costs!" that's when I just die and go right up to heaven, and since I'm still here among the living with all you lovely people I guess you can tell that I haven't heard those magical words! But I do get the next best thing - "I'm going out of town next week so let me just give you a key" (and no, I'm not thinking "yaaaayy, I can raid her house" - how dare you think that!) - okay, I got three of the top dream job commodities: 1) really cool stuff to work with; 2) a real "do whatever you want" and 3) a "I'm not going to be here looking over your shoulder and changing my mind about letting you do whatever you want" - can I hear a Wooooooo Doggie! I mean I'm like on Cloud Nine!

So I go over one day last week and I get started. I put up all of the garland (ok, I have to be honest and say, that's not part of the dream job). Then I started putting all of the fun mesh she had, it was nice not having to worry about how much I was using, because remember she provided most of the materials and I could "do whatever I wanted" (I'm sorry, I just love being able to say that, can you tell???) Here's a picture of how it all turned out. I guess a really good blogger would have taken step-by-step pictures along the way, but hey, we already know I'm not a really good blogger - lol!

I did take a close-up of the center bow with all the fun stuff sticking out. Between her stuff and my stuff I was in stuff heaven!

She also had this huge teardrop that she was actually worried was too large, but once I reworked it (sorry, forgot that before pic, I'm a bad, bad blogger!) I think it worked great for the "over-the-top" look she was going after!

Now, there's part of the story that I haven't shared yet. You see, Elizabeth, the sweetest lady in the world, lost both her husband and her son in close proximity to one another. I only knew of Elizabeth at that time through several mutual friends, but I remember very clearly when it happened and how much everyone cared for Elizabeth and how heartbroken they were for her and her loss. When I went to meet with Elizabeth about her door decor I commented on her beautiful brass dragonfly door knocker (did I take a pic of it??? heck no because I'm a bad, bad blogger!) She replied that she loved dragonflies and that her husband had given her the doorknocker and when she moved from her other house she brought the doorknocker with her, and she touched it lovingly as she relayed the story. Well, having lost my daddy and I know how much my momma and I still miss him almost 30 years later I kinda knew how she felt. And, well, it bothered me that I was covering up that beautiful dragonfly (even it was with that pretty cool new reworked teardrop that I could do "whatever I wanted" to it) and then I remembered something I had at home. So I went home and dug through all my crap treasures and yaaaaayyyy, I found them, three beautiful dragonflies that I bought a couple of years ago because I just knew I was going to do something wonderful with them one day. And I did.

Here's to hoping dragonfly wings flutter in your heart this holiday season.

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