Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Card Fun

Do you have a drawer or a box stuffed with Christmas cards from past years? What to do with them? You don't want to get rid of them because most of them contain photos of your friend's children, and if you're like me you enjoy seeing the changes from year to year. Well a few years ago I came up with this idea and my friend said I should share it with y'all.

You will need these items as well as several rolls of different kinds of ribbon (you know me, I always gotta include ribbon and you know I like to mix it up!):

I arrange all the cards from large to small, and starting with the largest one first I punch a hole in the corner, thread onto the ring and repeat until all the cards are on the ring. Next, I remove the string from the hang tag, write the year on the tag, then insert it in front of the first card, and close up the ring. Then I cut a length of ribbon (maybe 7 to 8 inches long) from each of the ribbons I'm using and I tie each one to the ring, either using a regular knot or a slip knot, alternating the different ribbons until the section between cards is full. When you're done it should look something like this:

Then every year I put them in a big basket.  I enjoy looking back over the years, especially seeing the ones containing the photographs of my friend's children!  My how they have all grown and changed!  They bring as many memories as my ornaments do! 

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  1. That is wonderful. Actually, I did take mine down today and i was thinking abnout what to do with them.

    Awesome Debbie.

    Happy New Year. Missy

  2. Thanks Missy! So glad I could help!

  3. Thanks Anne! Hope you'll come back to visit again soon!