Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Around the House

I was determined to do something different with my mantle this year.  I wasn't sure what, but it was going to be different!  I got a little bit of a nudge when the lights on the garland didn't work.  I tried some different garland, but I didn't like the way it looked with the flocked wreath I had hung on my gate.  So the question was to change the wreath which would mean making something or change the garland.  Then I remembered I had some fake flocked greenery pieces in my workshop that would go well with the flocked wreath.  I started playing and this is the result:

I combined several of he snowmen from my snowman collection and a few of my Santas from my Santa collection.

I made this wreath a while back, but it never sold.  Sometimes I'm kinda glad when things don't sell, but don't tell Mr. Flower Child.

Here are other areas of my house:

My mom painted these Santas for me several years ago.  They are priceless to me.

Flower Bud started collecting nutcrackers and snow globes a few years ago.  I usually put them all together, but decided since I wasn't putting out all the decorations this year that I would spread them around the house.  Here are a few of them:

Of course we have to have a pirate since we are the Fairhope Pirates!!

Flower Bud loved penguins when he was younger.

My mom also painted this nativity scene for me.
I just love this church.

You may have noticed all the portraits of Flower Bud with Santa.  I took him to the same photographer every year for his Santa portrait from time he was an infant.  They had the same Santa every year, and he really, really looked like Santa, his white beard and hair were real and for years Flower Bud thought he was the real deal!

Here are a few more snowmen.  I know its hard to believe, but this is not all of the snowmen and only a small portion of the Santas. 
This little guy turned out petty cute don't ya think?
And last, but not least, is this little guy.  He has hung on all of my trees since I was little girl and I hope he hangs on many more to come! 
I wish you all a very blessed Christmas season. 

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Upside Down What? Where?

I do a lot of work for a very talented designer.  Recently she said she had a Christmas decorating job for me.  Although she is the designer she usually just tells me what she wants and I take it from there.  In this instance she says "I want you to do an upside down Christmas tree."  "Okay" says I.  Then she says "And I want you to put it inside the chandelier."  "Okay" says I.  It is at this point I hear myself thinking "did I just tell her okay?  for real?  I just told her I was going to put a tree inside a chandelier???" Well the answer to all those questions was yes.  So did I do it?  Did I really put a tree inside a chandelier?  Why yes, yes I did.  Don't believe me?  Well check this out:

So how did I get that done?  Well I'll just be honest with ya, there was a whole lot of praying and a whole lot of cussing going on!  But after several hours of wrestling and shoving and begging the Sweet Baby Jesus to help me I finally got it all in there!!!  Speaking of the Sweet Baby Jesus, did you know that there is actually a Christian based reason for the upside down Christmas tree?  Yep, there sure is.  When I was doing research on upside down Christmas trees I found several sites explaining that back in the middle ages hanging a fir tree upside down was a Christian representation of the crucifixion of Christ and also of the Holy Trinity.  It was believed the upside down triangular shape of the tree took on the shape of Jesus while hanging on the cross and became known as God's tree.  Thought y'all might find that interesting.

Here are some close-ups 'cause I know y'all like them:

While the concept of putting the tree upside down in the chandelier was the designer's idea, she left picking out all of the ornaments and ribbon and other design elements of the tree up to me

 I also put this garland around the mirror and the wreath on the mirror.  We decided on a simple, elegant look.

I picked up this beautiful crystal garland at market in Atlanta last year and have been saving it for the perfect place to use it!  Isn't it lovely draped at the top of this garland? 

I did another wreath for the door.  I had one more crystal garland piece that I had picked up at Market in Atlanta so I wrapped it around the wreath for door.  Once again keeping things simple and elegant, with a bit of sparkle.

I had a few extra ornaments so I put them in these pretty little mirrored trays.

Hope your Christmas decorating is filling you with the spirit and not turning your world upside down! 


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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Pretty Little Table

Not sure what happened to my original post about this pretty little gate leg table I did, it somehow got replaced with another post.  There's no telling what I did.  So sorry, but here are the photographs. 

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I apologize, but my original post about this table somehow got replaced with another post, so all the links to the various parties I linked up to were lost, and now I can't remember what I linked up to.  If you choose to feature the table please let me know and I will gladly add a link to your blog.  Thank you!  Debbie 

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