Monday, April 30, 2012

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Vintage Light Fixture Vase

*Gasp!* No, your eyes are not deceiving you, it really is a blog post from yours truly! We have already established that I am a bad, bad blogger so we really don't need to go there do we???? 

I wanted to share with y'all this cute little project I did the other day.  My friend called me recently and said that she had a friend moving and they were helping him clean out his shed.  Well, to be honest she actually texted me and she used the term "barn" quickly followed by "not wooden so don't get excited."  Yes, she knows me well!  lol!  She continues the text with "would you like some old doors and shutters?"  Well, I do believe we all know the answer to that question - heck yeah!  So the next morning I tool on over there (in my in-law's truck that I have to use a pillow in order to reach the gas pedal) and when I pull up there is this huge trailer they have already loaded with all types of metal things that they were taking to the scrap metal yard.  Well, let me just say right now, I almost hyperventilated seeing all that stuff that I couldn't have - I mean, people, I'm talking TREASURES!!!  and I couldn't have it.  So after I got my breathing under control I ventured on past the trailer full of treasures that I couldn't have and started pickin' through the stuff I could have.  One of the items I found was this old light fixture.  When I begged my friend to let me have it instead of putting on the trailer she laughingly gave in and said "what the heck are ya gonna do with that thing?"  (actually to be honest she probably used correct grammar and terminology, but it sounds much better with the southern slang, don't ya think?)  Well, in response to her question I said "well, its gonna make a really cool vase, or maybe a candle holder" and she quickly responded with "huh?"  I said "just wait and see."

So Friday I was gathering some things to take to my booth at the Montrose Marketplace (sorry, I moved my booth and I haven't posted about it - yes, bad, bad blogger) and I saw the old light fixture.  I thought, "oh I need to put that together and take that too."  I went to my stash of mason jars (every good southern gal has a stash of mason jars).

Unfortunately when I inserted the jar into the little cage part of the light fixture it didn't sit evenly because of the light socket.

Using my handy-dandy wire cutters and my screwdriver I removed the socket, not realizing that it was holding the basket to the base - well, duh???  So I had to get a little inventive.  What to do, what to do????  When all of a sudden I spied the lid of the mason jar (my light bulb moment!  get it? I'm working on a light fixture so I had a "light bulb" moment - yeah, I know I crack me up too).

So I drilled a couple of holes into the lid of the mason jar, threaded some wire through the holes underneath the base through the lid.  Now the basket was attached securely to the base and wouldn't slide off.

I inserted the mason jar and was about to head out to the store to buy some daisies to put in my cute new vase when I noticed the time, or should I say the lack thereof.  So there I was standing in my backyard thinking "well, I guess I'll just stick a candle in it" when all of a sudden I had another light bulb moment!  (wow!  two light bulb moments in one day, I'm really pushing my limits there - lol!)  I just happened to notice my two rose bushes full of blooms.  I didn't need to go to the store and buy no stinkin' daisies when I had some divine smelling roses.  Then I went around my yard and gathered up whatever happened to be looking nice at the time, a little ligustrum, some confederate jasmine, a little asparagus fern, some greenery from an azalea bush, even a clipping from an oak tree, and viola:  one really pretty arrangement in a really cute vase and the best part????  It didn't cost me one cent (well, I did have to cook my friend's friend who was moving dinner, but I had to cook my family dinner anyway so that doesn't really count).

Too bad you can't scratch-n-sniff, 'cause let me tell you it smelled sooooooo good!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!

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