Friday, June 1, 2012

Angel Adi

I've mentioned before how my carport is one big ol' treasure chest.  Yep, a true junker's treasure hunter's dream.  My friends know that if they see crap some treasure on the side of the road that chances are pretty good that either I, or my husband, can do something cool with it.  One day my friend and I went to lunch and when we returned there were these two, well actually one and a half, old, rotten Adirondack chairs sitting under my carport.  My friend said "were those there when we left?"  "Nope" said I.  She looked at me in amazement because first of all, I didn't seem to think anything odd about the fact that there was some fresh junk teasures on my carport, and secondly because I didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that my carport was now overflowing with junk teasures.  People, let me just say if you know me, then you know what a neat freak I am, and if you don't know me, then let me tell ya I am a NEAT FREAK, and so is my husband.  I'm sure the state of our carport is about to put him into cardiac arrest, a further testament of his love for me.  Besides it is now a common occurrence.  Just about every day something new appears and I never know what I'm supposed to do with it - are they leaving it for me to paint for them, or are they giving it to me????  Eventually I'll get a text or a phone call that says "btw, I left... under your carport."  But I digress, the point of that story was to tell you about Adi.  Well, that Adirondack chair (and a half) sat there for the longest time.  I kept thinking my husband would use the pieces to make crosses (that's what he does, he makes the coolest crosses!) and then one day it hit me, not crosses, but an angel!!  Well yesterday as I was waiting for paint to dry (story of my life!) I was staring at that chair (and a half) and I started pulling it apart, and this is what I came up with:

Her name is Adi (get it, she's from an Adirondack chair (and a half)???  Yeah, I know, I crack me up too!) 

 I luv all that old chippy wood!!

This old tart pan that I picked up at Goodwill makes the perfect face.  Then I just added a halo with some wire. 

Just goes to show that angels are everywhere, sometimes you just have to really look to see them!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!


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