Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Vintage Light Fixture Vase

Thought I'd share another vase I made from a vintgage light fixture.  Of course I forgot all of the "before" photos, but I think I you'll be able to "picture" what I did when I explain it.

I found this old rusty light fixture and removed the globe.  I then went to my handy-dandy stash of mason jars that every good sourthern girl has and I glued it on using that E-6000 stuff that is like super-glue on steroids.

The wood I attached it to is actually a drawer facing.  I use the drawer bodies to hold crap treasures (btw, my whole carport is one big treasure chest!!).  I painted the drawer facing blue and sanded it and added some dark wax.

That top screw and that bottom screw were brand new silvery eye sores on my rusty treasure, but then I remembered that tray of rusty orange paint I had just mixed up to paint something else - how did I get so lucky?????  Well, maybe not, I had already thrown the plate away containing the leftover mixture.  I ran to the trash can that is like taller than me (yes, I am vertically challenged, but I'm tellin' ya we have like the biggest dang trash can!), I drag my step stool over and I'm like digging down in the bottom of the can trying not to fall in - this puts a whole new spin on dumpster diving!  Finally, I was able to grab the plate and luckily it had not dried yet so I covered those two screws and they blended right in.  I swear, the things I do for the sake of crap art!

Here's an inside view.  I think it would also look cool with a candle!

Here's to digging in the trash for the sake of art!!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!


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