Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Choices

After Christmas I decided that I really needed to do something different with my fireplace mantel.  Believe it or not, I'm not big on change.  I'm not one of those that changes the furniture around constantly and usually once I get something a certain way I tend to leave it that way for like forever!  My friends find that hard to believe since I'm always coming up with something new for others, but that's just how I am.  I tried to find a photo of what my mantel looked liked before, but the only ones I could find were from Christmas.  Guess I don't just take pictures of the mantel for no reason, go figure...

So after Christmas I took everything off the mantel and I've been gradually adding to it until it evolved into this:

First I added the gate.  I luv, luv, luv this gate.  It came from the neatest building in the town where I live that recently sold.  The family that owns it had a large estate sale.  I think they thought I had lost my mind when I asked them how much they wanted for the gate.  The lady kindly told me that if I could get it off I could have  it.  Well, let me tell ya I told Mr. Flower Child he HAD to get that gate off.  It was no easy task, but I think he knew I wasn't leaving without it.  I'm tellin' ya there are times that I know this man must really, really love me.  This was one of them - lol! 

So I added the gate to the mantel and it sat there with just a gate for quite a while, except for Mardi Gras, but after Mardi Gras it sat there with just a gate.  Then I remembered my bird nest collection.  And then, light bulb moment!  What if put them in those really cool apothecary jars...  Off to T.J. Maxx I go because I remembered seeing some there that were exactly what I needed, praying all the way that they still had them. 

SCORE!  I rush home and put the nests in the jars.  These were all found in my yard, except for the last one which Flower Bud found in Grandmother's yard.  I even had the perfect cloche for that one that I had picked up from someone who was moving and getting rid of a lot of their junk treasures.  Flower Bud made the bird house a while back with his Poppy, who sadly is no longer with us, but I'm sure he is smiling down from heaven. 

Look!  This tiny one still had the eggs!

So one side is done, but I still had the other side.  Then I remembered I had this really neat, old, very rusty lantern.  I put it on the other side, but it was lacking something.  I added the cut crystal bowl in the middle.  I'm thinking I could put fresh flowers or a candle.  I decide to go the candle route, but it needed some color and some height.  I had this really pretty cake stand that I never really get to use (if there is no cake in the house my behind has a better chance of not getting wider!).  So I put it all together and added some dried split peas for color (no, we don't eat split peas, and yes, I keep them in the pantry purely for decoration, crazy, I know).

I just luv all that rusty goodness!

Then I added this pretty little container and some green spheres.  Stuck in a pretty feather, also found in my yard.

Found this sweet little guy out in my workshop.  He's really kind of wintry looking, but he's too cute to put back in the workshop.

And there it sat.  I needed something on the gate and even though I'm the wreath queen that just didn't seem like the right thing.  And then yesterday, light bulb moment!  I have been working on some signs and I knew the perfect one that needed to go on my gate!

I've actually been planning to make this sign for our family for a quite a while.  I know y'all will find this hard to believe, but it is not always laughs and giggles in our flower garden.  Sometimes its full of weeds instead of daisies.  I'm constantly telling my family that happiness is a choice you make.  I don't think people realize that it is a choice, but it is.  Now, I'm not saying that sometimes your day just doesn't cooperate, but for the most part, YOU are the one who makes the choice of whether YOU will be happy or not.  It is all in how YOU handle what life throws at you that day.  Anybody can be miserable if they try hard enough, but I choose to be happy everyday.  I don't always succeed and there are times I just give in and accept the fact that that day just ain't gonna be filled with giggles, but the next day is a new day with a new start and I will do my darndest to be happy!  So when you get up tomorrow what choice will you make?  I can tell you what my choice will be:

Sure hope you're choosing happiness too!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Big Ol' Thank You

I'd like to dedicate this blog post to Lucy Hayles of Lucy Designs.  Not only does she have more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body, she is as nice as she is talented.  I first met Lucy on FaceBook through a dear friend who happened to be high school buddies with Lucy.  I would see all of these fabulous things that she posted and I would think "WOW!  I want to do that" or "Dang!  How in the world does she do that???"  I was constantly amazed and inspired by her, and still am.

As some of you know, about a year ago I took this big ol' jump off of Mt. Everest and quit my job to pursue my creative side.  From the first day Lucy has done everything she could to help me.  In the beginning I was constantly asking her questions and not only did she answer them, she told me step by step what I needed to do.  She was a true Godsend to me.  I'm sure she didn't think anything about it, that's just how she is.  Not only has she been there when I have had questions on how to do something, but she has also been there when I have questioned my abilities, and she has been there when I have needed to vent.

A few months back I finally got to meet Lucy in person!  It took several months for the three of us (our mutual friend went also) to find a time when our schedules would all jive.  It was funny, I posted on FB that I was going to be eating lunch with the famous Lucy and meeting her for the first time.  Of course I get all these comments from mutual FB friends all telling me how jealous they were that I was getting to meet Lucy!  I tried not to get my feelings hurt that no one was jealous that Lucy was getting to meet me - lol!  Well, let me tell ya, Ms. Lucy is just as pretty as she is sweet and talented.  I guess she just pretty much rocks!

So what is the point of all this mushiness over Lucy?  Well, mainly I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and to let her know how much I appreciate all of her help.  So many people don't take the time to say thank you, not a proper thank you anyway.  And here is the other reason:

My first dragonfly!  I've only been wanting to make one since the first time I saw one of hers!  So yesterday while I was waiting for paint to dry I started piecing it together.

Is it as cool as one of Lucy's?  Well heck no, but considering that until about a year ago I had never even held a power tool except to pass it to Mr. Flower Child much less actually use one I'd say I did pretty darn good!  Not only did I use my handy dandy drill that I'm becoming quite proficient at, I also used my jig saw and the circular saw (but don't tell Mr. Flower Child - I'm not allowed to use the circular saw, something about cutting off fingers and what-not - I've tried to tell him that since I like all of my fingers and what-not I would be extra careful, and then I added that lots of females use saws, just look at Lucy.  He was not impressed - sorry Lucy)

I started to paint it and do some really cool glazes, but then I decided that I liked the rustic feel of it so decided to leave it like it is.  I have plans to make more, my mind is going in a gazillion different directions with all the possibilities!  But not like Lucy's, I want to be inspired, not copy.

I've stated before that I quit caring about how many followers I had on my blog, and I really don't look at the number of fans I have on my FB page, just as long as whoever is following me is happy that is all I care about, but this is one of those times I wish I had a gazillion followers so everyone could see how wonderful I think Lucy is.  If you are reading this and you haven't seen Lucy's work then you are soooooo missing out!  You need to hop over to her blog right now  ( and see what you have missed and be sure to like her FB page too!

So thank you Lucy!  Thank you for your help and for always being there, but most of all thank you for your inspiration and for sharing.  You are a true artist, inside and out, and I am constantly in awe of your talent. 

Peace, Luv & Happiness!
(BTW, I still have plans to make a dog bed, but it'll probably take another year for that to actually happen - lol!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thelma & Louise

Meet Thelma & Louise.  What a colorful life these two ladies have led!!  I can only imagine the stories they could tell...

These two girls started out looking like this.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I knew before I could do anything they would need a good cleaning so I got out the water hose and got to work. 

Well, the water started chipping away that ugly brown paint to reveal layer upon layer of the most wonderful colors! 

Would you ever have thought all of these colors were hiding under that ugly brown?  Just look at all those layers...

Just look at all that chippy goodness...

With each layer there is a whole new set of stories to be told...

Just how many people have sat in those seats?  How many children have sat in how many laps?  How many dinners have been eaten while sitting in this chair?  How many laughs were shared while sitting here?  How many tears were shed?  Yep, tons of stories...

Well, after unveiling all that wonderful chippy lovliness I just couldn't paint over them, so I gave them two good coats of glossy poly to help preserve all those layers of color, layers of life...

This is how I hope I live my life, layer upon layer of color!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Angel Adi

I've mentioned before how my carport is one big ol' treasure chest.  Yep, a true junker's treasure hunter's dream.  My friends know that if they see crap some treasure on the side of the road that chances are pretty good that either I, or my husband, can do something cool with it.  One day my friend and I went to lunch and when we returned there were these two, well actually one and a half, old, rotten Adirondack chairs sitting under my carport.  My friend said "were those there when we left?"  "Nope" said I.  She looked at me in amazement because first of all, I didn't seem to think anything odd about the fact that there was some fresh junk teasures on my carport, and secondly because I didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that my carport was now overflowing with junk teasures.  People, let me just say if you know me, then you know what a neat freak I am, and if you don't know me, then let me tell ya I am a NEAT FREAK, and so is my husband.  I'm sure the state of our carport is about to put him into cardiac arrest, a further testament of his love for me.  Besides it is now a common occurrence.  Just about every day something new appears and I never know what I'm supposed to do with it - are they leaving it for me to paint for them, or are they giving it to me????  Eventually I'll get a text or a phone call that says "btw, I left... under your carport."  But I digress, the point of that story was to tell you about Adi.  Well, that Adirondack chair (and a half) sat there for the longest time.  I kept thinking my husband would use the pieces to make crosses (that's what he does, he makes the coolest crosses!) and then one day it hit me, not crosses, but an angel!!  Well yesterday as I was waiting for paint to dry (story of my life!) I was staring at that chair (and a half) and I started pulling it apart, and this is what I came up with:

Her name is Adi (get it, she's from an Adirondack chair (and a half)???  Yeah, I know, I crack me up too!) 

 I luv all that old chippy wood!!

This old tart pan that I picked up at Goodwill makes the perfect face.  Then I just added a halo with some wire. 

Just goes to show that angels are everywhere, sometimes you just have to really look to see them!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!