Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Choices

After Christmas I decided that I really needed to do something different with my fireplace mantel.  Believe it or not, I'm not big on change.  I'm not one of those that changes the furniture around constantly and usually once I get something a certain way I tend to leave it that way for like forever!  My friends find that hard to believe since I'm always coming up with something new for others, but that's just how I am.  I tried to find a photo of what my mantel looked liked before, but the only ones I could find were from Christmas.  Guess I don't just take pictures of the mantel for no reason, go figure...

So after Christmas I took everything off the mantel and I've been gradually adding to it until it evolved into this:

First I added the gate.  I luv, luv, luv this gate.  It came from the neatest building in the town where I live that recently sold.  The family that owns it had a large estate sale.  I think they thought I had lost my mind when I asked them how much they wanted for the gate.  The lady kindly told me that if I could get it off I could have  it.  Well, let me tell ya I told Mr. Flower Child he HAD to get that gate off.  It was no easy task, but I think he knew I wasn't leaving without it.  I'm tellin' ya there are times that I know this man must really, really love me.  This was one of them - lol! 

So I added the gate to the mantel and it sat there with just a gate for quite a while, except for Mardi Gras, but after Mardi Gras it sat there with just a gate.  Then I remembered my bird nest collection.  And then, light bulb moment!  What if put them in those really cool apothecary jars...  Off to T.J. Maxx I go because I remembered seeing some there that were exactly what I needed, praying all the way that they still had them. 

SCORE!  I rush home and put the nests in the jars.  These were all found in my yard, except for the last one which Flower Bud found in Grandmother's yard.  I even had the perfect cloche for that one that I had picked up from someone who was moving and getting rid of a lot of their junk treasures.  Flower Bud made the bird house a while back with his Poppy, who sadly is no longer with us, but I'm sure he is smiling down from heaven. 

Look!  This tiny one still had the eggs!

So one side is done, but I still had the other side.  Then I remembered I had this really neat, old, very rusty lantern.  I put it on the other side, but it was lacking something.  I added the cut crystal bowl in the middle.  I'm thinking I could put fresh flowers or a candle.  I decide to go the candle route, but it needed some color and some height.  I had this really pretty cake stand that I never really get to use (if there is no cake in the house my behind has a better chance of not getting wider!).  So I put it all together and added some dried split peas for color (no, we don't eat split peas, and yes, I keep them in the pantry purely for decoration, crazy, I know).

I just luv all that rusty goodness!

Then I added this pretty little container and some green spheres.  Stuck in a pretty feather, also found in my yard.

Found this sweet little guy out in my workshop.  He's really kind of wintry looking, but he's too cute to put back in the workshop.

And there it sat.  I needed something on the gate and even though I'm the wreath queen that just didn't seem like the right thing.  And then yesterday, light bulb moment!  I have been working on some signs and I knew the perfect one that needed to go on my gate!

I've actually been planning to make this sign for our family for a quite a while.  I know y'all will find this hard to believe, but it is not always laughs and giggles in our flower garden.  Sometimes its full of weeds instead of daisies.  I'm constantly telling my family that happiness is a choice you make.  I don't think people realize that it is a choice, but it is.  Now, I'm not saying that sometimes your day just doesn't cooperate, but for the most part, YOU are the one who makes the choice of whether YOU will be happy or not.  It is all in how YOU handle what life throws at you that day.  Anybody can be miserable if they try hard enough, but I choose to be happy everyday.  I don't always succeed and there are times I just give in and accept the fact that that day just ain't gonna be filled with giggles, but the next day is a new day with a new start and I will do my darndest to be happy!  So when you get up tomorrow what choice will you make?  I can tell you what my choice will be:

Sure hope you're choosing happiness too!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!


  1. kudos to you, I love your mantle...and all your fun and creative designs! You are such an inspiration, and I am grateful for you!
    Much success, HAPPINESS, love, and abundant blessings to you! ~Janine

  2. You have some really good ideas here; methinks I shall have to borrow some of them!

    Hello from Coastal Charm and...pretty MORE great ideas!

    1. Thank you and welcome!! Please feel free to borrow all the ideas you'd like. I admit, I am horrible about posting on a regular basis, but I promise to try to do better - lol! I am better at posting on FaceBook so if you are a FaceBooker I suggest you like my page over there.