Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thelma & Louise

Meet Thelma & Louise.  What a colorful life these two ladies have led!!  I can only imagine the stories they could tell...

These two girls started out looking like this.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I knew before I could do anything they would need a good cleaning so I got out the water hose and got to work. 

Well, the water started chipping away that ugly brown paint to reveal layer upon layer of the most wonderful colors! 

Would you ever have thought all of these colors were hiding under that ugly brown?  Just look at all those layers...

Just look at all that chippy goodness...

With each layer there is a whole new set of stories to be told...

Just how many people have sat in those seats?  How many children have sat in how many laps?  How many dinners have been eaten while sitting in this chair?  How many laughs were shared while sitting here?  How many tears were shed?  Yep, tons of stories...

Well, after unveiling all that wonderful chippy lovliness I just couldn't paint over them, so I gave them two good coats of glossy poly to help preserve all those layers of color, layers of life...

This is how I hope I live my life, layer upon layer of color!

Peace, Luv & Happiness!


  1. Now these ladies are so very charming...hope to see them Friday at the marketplace.


  2. Yes 'em they'll be there in all their colorful glory!

    Peace N Luv