Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Heart Attack

Look at this pretty little stool!  I just luv it, but it almost didn't happen and after you ooh and ah over it I'll tell ya why.

Here's a close-up so you can ooh and ah some more:

So are y'all done oohing and awing???  Well here's why it almost didn't happen.  You see, when the designer asked if I could paint "this" I thought she meant "this":

When, in fact, she meant "this":

Yep, I had already started on that gorgeous piece.  Yep, I was going to paint that gorgeous burled walnut.  Did I want to?  Well heck no, but she had asked me to so I was gonna.  Luckily I had only painted the leg when divine intervention occurred.  Praise that sweet Baby Jesus for watching out for my you-know-what before I ruined that beautiful piece of wood that probably cost more than my house!  Yes, people, if I didn't believe in God before, which I most assuredly did, but just in case there was any doubt it has been wiped clean!  I now have no doubt that He exists and I'm pretty sure He has His angels working over-time just to save my you-know-what! 

I am further blessed by the fact that both the designer and the client thought it was funny.  I don't think they really believed me when I told them that if I had painted that beautiful piece of wood (although I have no doubt it would have looked FAB-U-LOUS!) and then found out I wasn't supposed to that they would be attending my funeral.  Nope, I don't think they believed me when I told them that I had a small heart attack while being told on the phone I held in one hand that I was NOT supposed to be painting that gorgeous burled walnut vanity with my other hand...  

Praise sweet Baby Jesus I was able to get all that primer off.  I had to use the owner's tooth brush to get into all the nooks and crannies, because you know I'm very thorough...  but what a small price to pay, I mean what's a new toothbrush compared to priceless burled walnut?????

Yep, I have a new rule for the designer - she now has to physically touch whatever it is she is asking me to paint.  And she doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna make her get texting on her phone so that when she calls me and says "can you paint such and such..."  I can then text her a picture so that I am certain we are talking about the same "such and such."  just sayin'

So one last time, I'd just like to thank sweet Baby Jesus for taking care of my you-know-what and saving me so that I am still here and able to entertain all you lovely people with my next near death experience.  


Let There be Light - Pewter Light!

For those of you who follow my FaceBook page you may remember when I turned a lot of brass things to silver, then later to pewter.  Well I did the same thing with these lamps.  The designer got them at market, but they wanted the hardware/trim to be pewter as opposed to brass.  Luckily (I guess I should say luckily, personally I think they have way too much faith in me!) they "knew I could make them pewter" so they went ahead and bought them. Luckily (there's that word again) I was able to make it happen!

They originally looked like this (and, yes, I almost forgot the "before" photo - aren't y'all proud of me for remembering just in time?!):


Is it Silver? Is it Gold?

Here is another short-n-sweet story.  

After layering several glazes over a base coat I got this (sorry about the shadow):

Here are some close-ups:

Here is the before photo if you can tell what it looked like.  I apologize for the poor quality, but the lighting was not very good.

There is where it will live (sorry about the shadows, but not much I could do about the lighting).  I'm wondering how long it will take the designer to tell me to put a silver lining on that gold frame?????



I also had to paint some chests.  I painted two small nightstands to look like this:

Just a simple high gloss, but I just luv this color:

They originally looked like this:

How about that for short-n-sweet, just like me - lol!!!  yeah, I know I crack me up too!


Trying to do better...

I promised I would try to do better about posting on my blog so I thought I'd change the way I normally do things.  Usually when I post things I post them to FaceBook first because to be honest its just easier.  Last week I had several projects for a client and was about to post them when I thought:  "Hey!  Why not post them on the blog first???"  My what a novel idea...  sometimes the old noggin' works.  

I did several projects last week, but I think it would be best if I separate them into different posts.  The first thing I'll share with you is the hearth project.  The designer I do some work for asked me to match the tile floor in front of the fireplace to the new surround that had been installed.  

Here is what it looked like in the beginning:

I had to match the terra cotta tile to the black-speckled surround in the foreground.

Here's the end result:

Here's a close-up:

Not very exciting, but I thought some of you may find in interesting.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Car Tag Wreaths

As most of you know, most of my posts have some type of story behind it, well this is more a picture story.  I have had several comments about my "car tag wreath" so I thought I'd share some photos for those of you who have not seen them.  This is one that I made that could take you through the whole year.

Here's one that I made at Christmas.  It could take you from Christmas through the winter months.

Car tags on a wreath???  Why not?  It's unique and different and I promise everyone who comes to your door is going to comment on it!

"Lucy" the Beachy Dresser

First, I'd very much like to thank my friend Linda over at Coastal Charm for her sweet blog post all about little ol' me!  I was so surprised!  She had asked if she could do something on her blog, but I didn't realize she was going to do a whole post just about me.  I am truly touched beyond words.  Now, as most of you know, I am horrible about posting so I guess I'd better get my act together and start posting a little more often!  LOL! 

One of the items she shared was this dresser so I'd thought I'd show y'all a little more about it.

I know it is hard to believe, but it actually started out looking like this:

Pretty rough, huh?  Well, to be honest it did not look this bad when I first got it, but most anything that has a flat surface on it that hangs out under my carport long enough becomes a work surface.  I usually have several projects going on at the same time so work space is always a much needed commodity.  Unfortunately it was also the victim of several paint gun experiments...  Well, I knew it still had potential, wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew one day it would hit me.  Then one day light bulb moment and I got to work.

I apologize, I'm not very good about taking photos along the way.  It is not that I don't want to share how I do things, it is more that when my mojo gets going I don't think to stop and take photos.  It is not until the end that I realize "Dang!  I really should have taken photos to show how it looked at different stages."  I'll work on it, I promise!  Shoot, y'all are lucky I remembered to take the "before" photo, most of the time I don't remember until I've already started.

Once I decided on a semi-plan I needed to determine the colors.  I was determined NOT to buy more paint.  I mean, I have tons of paint, surely I could come up with three colors that worked together.  I went with what I had the most of and luckily they looked good together - lol!  First I painted it with a gray primer.  Then I painted the whole thing a pale aqua - a wonderful OOPS  paint that I picked up at Walmart one day!  Then I got out the calculator and the yard stick and I calculated the measurements for the diamonds on top (please, don't ask me how I did this because I really don't know - I DO NOT DO MATH!  I think I just got lucky and it all worked out right. I will tell you that I Googled it so I'm sure you can too!)

Then I taped out the lines on the sides and painted them.

I then painted the all the checks and the drawers.  The wavy lines were already carved into the drawers which is what gave me some of the inspiration.  

When I was done with all of that I remembered I had this neat swirl stamp that would look great along the boarders.  

After it was all painted I went over the diamonds at the top with a silver metallic paint.  Then *gasp* I got out the sander!  Yep, I said the sander.  I knew it would look great distressed and I wanted the aqua and gray primer to show through.  After I finished sanding it I went over it with a turquoise glaze and then a pearl-like glaze.  And there you have it.  Or should I say "her" because her name is Lucy.  Yes, I name my furniture, unless it belongs to someone, but even then I usually have a name in my head for it.  Why??? you ask.  Well, I guess because I'm weird.  But here's the thing.  I spend hours working on these pieces.  As I work on them they take on their own personality.  How do I come up with the name?  Well, it's usually a feeling.  Now in this case, my friend Lucy over at Lucy Designs thinks I named it after her.  I told her if it made her feel better she could think that, but the truth is I know several ladies named Lucy and every single one of them make me smile just like this piece.  

So there you have the story of Lucy.  I hope she makes you smile!


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