Monday, October 1, 2012

Zebra Print Vanity

Last week I had the pleasure of working on this fun project!  (BTW, there is a VERY large square mirror that attaches to the back of this, I hope y'all will forgive me for not taking the time to attach it just to turn around and take it off again.  Just use your imagination!)

When the owner dropped it off it looked like this:

She said it was for her daughter who is 12 and she just wanted it to be black.  Yep, black.  Just plain ol' black.  *sigh*  so much potential...  So I say "okay, but are you sure she wouldn't like just a little sumthin' to jazz it up a bit?" The reply was "well, maybe you could paint the inside of the drawers a different color." *sigh*  Not one to give up, I say "well, okay, but maybe you could just ask her if just maybe she'd like just a little stenciling, maybe a silver damask over the black????"  (inside I'm begging please, please let me do something fun with this piece!!!) Do you guys know how hard it is sometimes to paint for others?  I was painting the coolest chairs the other day, the owner wanted them white.  Yep, white.  Just plain ol' white. *sigh*  I mean they do own the piece after all, so I have to do what they want, but sometimes I just want to get down on my knees and beg them to let me do something off-the-wall fun, especially when you have a piece like this that has fun written all over it!  So I get the call back, she had asked her daughter and bless her sweet little heart, the only thing she could think of that she would like was a zebra print. "Zebra?" I ask. "Yes, Zebra" she says. *sigh*  Zebra, the only thing I had not thought of.  The only thing I had never done.  My heart sank. Zebra??? for real??? why, oh why had I done this to myself???  Well.hell. (sorry, folks, but that was what I was thinking).  Why couldn't I be talented like Lucy over at Lucy Designs or that other cool chick over at All Things Work Together, or Heather at Lucky Peach Designs or Karin at Art is Beauty or Mary at Mollicart? Then I remembered I had seen a zebra print stencil at Hobby Lobby, my heart SMILES!  "Yes!"  I tell her ('cause she is still on the phone and has no idea that I am secretly cussing myself for bringing this hell upon myself!)  Thank God for Hobby Lobby!    So here we go:

A little tone-on-tone zebra action. 

Now, could I have done it free-hand if I'd had to?  Well, thankfully, the world will never know!  But, I guess I could have pulled it off, actually I knew it in the beginning, but I also know how OCD I am and there is no telling how many weeks it would have taken me and they would've probably carted me off to the freak-a-zoid floor at the hospital because I had driven myself crazy over it.  I like the way it turned out, and more importantly, so did the client and her daughter.  

When I finished the zebra print on the top and along the sides I asked it if would be okay if I painted the drawers a different color because I felt like the zebra would be a little much over the whole thing.  Luckily they said I could paint them hot pink!  Yaaaayyy!!  and I did paint the inside of the drawers a different color.

I also painted the feet silver just to add a little punch.

I painted the legs of the little stool black and distressed them, and painted the feet silver.  The owner is having the cute little seat recovered.

Tomorrow its back to plain ol' white, but I do have a couple of other fun projects coming up and I can't wait.  One is going to be really off-wall, full of color fun!



  1. This looks like it took forever to do - well, it would have taken ME forever to do! Great job, and I'm sure your client is a happy teen!

    1. Nah, it didn't take forever 'cause I used a stencil - lol!


  2. I love LOVE the tone on tone!...thanks for the shout out!