Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Groovy Shelves

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I've been mardi grasing it up so much that I forgot to share a post with you.  I did these groovy shelves for a client the other day.  She had recently commissioned some artwork for her daughters and asked me to paint the shelves to match the artwork.  One daughter's room is predominantly turquoise and hot pink and the other's is turquoise and purple.  In fact, not long ago I did the zebra print vanity for the daughter with the hot pink room.  You might remember it, but if not you can read about it here.  Here are the shelves to go with her room:

Originally they looked similar to this (I forgot a before photo of all of the shelves, but they were basically all the same):

She wanted to match this artwork she had commissioned me to do:

Here are some close-ups:

Here is the purple version:

Pretty groovy, huh?  Sometimes I wish I was a pre-teen girl so that I could get away with decorating my room like this!  Ha!  BTW, for more photos/close-ups of the artwork please visit my Facebook page!

Wishing you a groovy day!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Vanity for Anna Majors

I'm back!  Sorry, I've been neglectful in my posting, but of course, we all know I'm not the best blogger in the world so I'm sure y'all are not surprised when you don't hear from me.  I promise I am trying to do better! Just seems like our family has had a lot going on the past few weeks and I just have not been able to squeeze in time to write up any posts.  So I apologize, but hopefully all will be forgiven when I share this cute little vanity I painted for my sweet little neighbor:

I have the pleasure of living next door to the sweetest children, Coleman and Anna Majors (actually we all call her Majors).  I wish I had a photo of them to share with you, but let me just say they are just as cute as they are sweet.  They like to come hang out with me sometimes while I'm painting and I so enjoy it!   Majors is very creative and is very helpful sometimes when I am stumped on a color choice or other decision making choice.  Coleman is still young enough to give me hugs and since Flowerbud is now a big ol' stinky teenager who would like to pretend he no longer has a mother (you know that stage where they no longer have parents, they were dropped on earth by aliens and sometimes they act like aliens so you kind of believe its true because there is no way on God's green earth that you would ever raise a child to behave that way - yeah, we're in that stage) so needless to say I treasure the hugs and snuggles I get from Coleman as they are now nonexistent from Flowerbud and I know the day is coming soon when Coleman will be too old to hug on Ms. Debbie and then I will be really sad.  *sigh*    

So remember when I painted Ms. Pat's vanity? (In case you have forgotten you can read all about it here)  Well Majors came to visit while I was painting it and she fell in love with it!  So her daddy says that they have some furniture stored in a barn somewhere and he thinks there is something they can use.  Well, this is what he brings me:

I know, I know - it looks nothing like that cute antique vanity!  but I tell Majors not to worry 'cause it is going to be so stinkin' cute when we're done she won't even remember what it looked like when we started.  Luckily she has vision so she wasn't upset.  Besides, while this is not an antique vanity, someone in their family actually made it several years ago so that adds special meaning to it.  So I clean off the dirt and get to work.  She had given me a pillow to use as a color guide, and told me which color she wanted for the base and which color for the drawers.  Then she said she wanted the damask print on top:

And she wanted the diamonds on the sides:

And she wanted the stripes on the inside:

And I came up with the polka dots on the drawers:

While it's not a cute little antique vanity with all the fancy curves and detailing, the more contemporary lines actually fit her a little better.  It is unique and special and turned out just as sweet as her!


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