Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yaaaayyy! A Pinterest Order!

A couple of weeks or so ago I get an e-mail from a lady saying she had found me on Pinterest while searching for frames.  She had come across a pin from the post I had about framing a wedding invitation.  (You can see that post here.) She needed a wedding gift and wanted to know if I could do something similar for her, but more fitting with the invitation she had.  I said sure, just send me the invitation.  So we go our happy ways waiting on the postal service to do their thing (scary, I know!).  Well a week goes by and still no invite.  I finally tell her that I was afraid it was lost in postal la la land.  I am bummed.  I was so excited to have been "discovered" through Pinterest and actually have an order!  Especially since I in no way even try to promote myself through Pinterest.  I mean I pin things when I make blog posts, but I don't make it a priority.  I know, I know, (this is the point where I hear Lucy at Lucy Designs saying she's going to whip me - lol!)  I'm a horrible business person.  I would be so much better off if someone would do all my quoting and billing and posting for me!!  Well, once again, I digress, imagine that! 

Then as luck would have it, our Internet went out.  Went our for FOUR days!  Yes I said FOUR days! uggghhh!!  Finally they send a repairman.  When I open the front door he introduces himself then says "Is this your mail down here?"  Yaaayyyy!!!  There it was!!  I'm tellin' ya the Big Man upstairs really does look out for ya.  Apparently the mailman had left the mail at the front door because the envelope was oversized and wouldn't fit in our box.  Obviously we NEVER go to our front door!  There's no telling how long it had been out there.  Now, I hate to complain about the Big Man upstairs because he does such a great job looking out for us and everything, but I do have to say I wish he could have found another way to have sent me to the front door, I mean I missed out on all that crap research I look at on the Internet, but the real kicker was that Flower Bud missed four homework assignments. Luckily the teachers let him slide (well that's what he said anyway, we'll see...)  So finally, invitation in hand I get to work and this is what I came up with:

I know it was an awful long story to tell ya about one little ol' frame, but you have to admit it was entertaining!  lol!  It wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if it had arrived in the mail on time.  Then I would have just posted, hey, look at this frame I did.  I got the order through Pinterest.  You might would have smiled.  Maybe.  But not like you did reading this story, huh??? 

Well, I've achieved my goal.  Made ya smile.  My work here is done. 


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  1. So that's the problem!!! I waited at the front door for you for days, I finally gave up and left. :(