Friday, July 26, 2013

New Chippy Chairs

Can you believe these chairs:

started out like this:

If I hadn't shown you the photo above would you have thought they were old chippy chairs?  Just look at all that chippy goodness:

I did these for a client and I knew she wanted them to be really chippy, but not fake chippy, but like it had occurred over years and years.  She found the chairs in her grandmother's barn and there's no telling how old they are, so we were off to a good start, but they were lacking the chippy paint. 

Guess you want to know how I got them to look like that, huh?  Well, I'm still playing around with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  So first, I gave them a coat of Luckett's Green:

I just love all the color variations you get:

Then I gave them coat of Ironstone:

Unfortunately, the chairs were so dry I wasn't getting that bubbly effect I was looking for.  I tried sanding, but it still wasn't the look I was going for:

Then I had a light bulb moment!  I knew I needed a glossy like finish to get that bubbly effect so I wondered what would happen if I applied a coat of the hemp oil???? 

Worth a try I thought.  It is just paint, so I thought if it didn't work I'd just paint over it, right???  So I applied a coat of hemp oil:

Then I applied another coat of Luckett's Green.  I didn't wait for it to dry completely.  I was working on two chairs at a time so I put the hemp oil on both chairs and then the Luckett's Green. 

While it wasn't really bubbly, I could tell that it would easily scratch off.  So I used a paint scraper and started scratching the paint:

Finally I was getting closer to the look I was after:

So then I applied a coat of hemp oil and then a coat of the Ironstone.  This time it immediately started to bubble, yaaaayyyy!!!

I let them dry and then I started scraping.  As I did it unveiled the layers underneath.   

When I was done I applied two coats of Old Master's Crystal Clear Wax.    I just luv the way they turned out.  Even Flowerbud said they were cool, that's high praise from a teenage boy!  Here are lots more close-ups so you can see all their chippy yumminess!

And here's the back side, can't forget that:

Now you too can create some chippy yumminess!!


The Ironstone Nest


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Natural Beauty

I'm baaaaccckkkk!!!  Sorry I've been MIA lately, but it seems like ever since Flower Bud got out of school we have been going non-stop.  I have been working, just haven't had time to write any posts.  Actually had a few minutes so thought I'd share this little table I did a couple of months ago:

Isn't it cute!!  Unfortunately I neglected to take a "before" photo, but it was a light natural colored stain.  The client asked me to strip it down to the bare wood and then wax it.  So I stripped it down to the bare wood and then applied this wax:

I love this wax, but I don't use it very often because it is pretty pricy.  The client actually provided this container.  It has a really creamy texture and has a kind of golden orangy tone:

In the photo below you can see the difference in the stripped side (right) and the waxed side (left):

It gives it such a lovely natural patina:

My client is building a new house and plans to use this as a little breakfast table.  Just a little table for her and her husband to use while drinking their coffee and reading the paper.  I can already see it with the pretty little chairs...