Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saving a Poster

Have you ever bought a poster or some other poster-type artwork that got smushed before you could get it home?  Then I bet you chunked it 'cause you thought it was ruined.  Well, next time don't throw it away 'cause I'm gonna show you how to save it.  Here's one I saved recently for a client:

She had gotten it while on vacation, but it got smushed on the way home and had several bad creases. 
First I ripped the edges giving it a torn effect.  This is optional, I mainly did it because it had a tear at the top (of course, I forgot to take a "before" photo so you missed the tear), but I also did it to add to the distressed look I had in mind for the finished product.

I cut a piece of 1/4 inch luan about an inch or so larger than the poster and painted it a color that was complimentary to the poster.

Once the paint on the board was dry I painted the back of the poster and the board with Mod Podge (ok, don't tell anyone, but that's not really Mod Podge, I just mixed Elmer's glue and water together and put it in the Mod Podge container, but any container will work).  Once I spread the poster out and get it positioned on the board then I paint the top with "Mod Podge".  Make sure you work all the air bubbles out, I usually use my fingers to work them out.

Once it is completely dry I sand it to give it a distressed look, this is essential because then the wrinkles and creases look like they are supposed to be there and not like you smushed it on the way home.

Then I drilled a couple of holes and added some wire for hanging.  Is it what you had in mind when you bought it?  Well no, but its better than throwing it in the trash because you smushed it before you could get it home.