Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prayer Request

Bear with me this will probably be a long post.  As most people in this business will tell you, while it is most often rewarding, it is sometimes trying and depressing.  It is hard, laborious work and you’re usually either sweating your you-know-what off, or freezing to death.  People want you to make whatever they have brought you look beautiful, but don't have a clue as to what it will entail for you to make that happen and when you quote them a price because you know what it’s gonna take to make it happen they wrinkle their nose like you’ve asked them to hand over Fort Knox.  
Then you get the people who don’t want to pay you, but they want you to tell them how to do it so you patiently explain to them the different processes.  Mr. Flower Child often gets irritated and will say “but you don’t ask them how they do (insert whatever it is the person asking me how to paint does)” and I respond that no, I don’t, but I probably don’t want to know how they do whatever it is they do anyway.  But seriously, they have just as much right to do what I do as I do.  Will they do it as well as me? maybe, maybe not, we are all different, so who knows what the outcome will be.  Plus I’ve been painting furniture for over 20 years so hopefully I will do it better, but we all gotta start somewhere.   Besides, who am I to hold someone back, how do I know they won’t be the next great artist and then I can say I helped them.   
You often question your sanity and wonder why you have chosen this path.  And then you have a day like today that helps it all make sense.  As some of you locals know I do most of my work under my carport.  I often have strangers stop and ask what I do or if I have things for sale because, yes, my carport usually looks like a junk yard or a yard sale held on a daily basis.  But today a very pretty, well dressed lady stops and asks what I do.  I explain that I mainly paint furniture and she said “I thought so” and while I prepared myself because invariably the next question I usually get at this point is:  “can you tell me how to do it ‘cause I got these pieces I want to paint, but I’m just not sure how to do it,” but instead I get “how much would you charge me to paint…”  Well, what a pleasant surprise!  So I invited her in so that I could show her some different finishes to give her some ideas of what she may want and while we were chatting she says:  “I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this, but your home is so peaceful and I can tell from talking to you that you and your family are Christians so if I were to write down my daughter’s name and the names of my grandchildren would you please pray for them?  You see, my daughter is an addict, has been for 13 years, and she is in rehab once again.  I know I have enabled her all these years by trying to help her, and I now know that really the only thing that is going to save her is prayer.”  Wow!  Now, I am a Christian and I often talk about being thankful for the gifts God has blessed me with, but I had not mentioned any of those things.  We had not even talked about God or faith or anything like that.  She just felt the need to ask me to pray for her daughter.  She said more than once that she couldn’t believe she was asking me to do this, that she had just stopped to ask me about painting  a couple of pieces of furniture.  Obviously, the Lord guided her here today. I am shocked He thought I could be helpful, and I am overwhelmed with His faith in me.  I truly believe I am supposed to do something with this, so, I had this idea.  Originally I had planned to just make a small post on FaceBook asking for prayers, and I thought that later after I painted the furniture that I would do a blog post, but then I felt the need to share this story now.  So sorry, no furniture photos for this post.  Nope, this post is all about asking you all to pray for this sweet lady’s daughter and her grandchildren.  You don’t need to know their names, I am sure God will know who you are praying for.  And since, I don’t have a really big following I’m hoping one of my blog/FaceBook buddies with a larger following would be kind enough to share this post.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the power of prayer saved this young lady and gave her the strength she needs! 
So today, once again, He has reminded me that this path I’m on now is about way more than art or painting furniture…