Sunday, October 20, 2013

Road Trippin' - Part 2

I posted the other day about my trip to Franklin, Tennessee for the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Sale with my friend Linda from Coastal Charm.  Well this weekend we went here:
for The Chapel Market put together by Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  I was so excited because there were going to be several bloggers there that I never in a million years ever thought I'd actually meet.  It's funny because they are just regular people like you and me, but you almost feel like you are meeting celebrities.  So here is my story of how this little barely ever post blogger met the big girls of blogging.
So, I pick up Linda (btw, she's a big girl in the blogger world too) at Hobby Lobby (isn't that the perfect place to meet???) and after a short delay (because someone, and I'll let you guess who that someone was, had to go into Hobby Lobby for a last minute purchase so she could finish a project when they got to the hotel room.  Bet you'll never guess who that person was...) we get started on our trip.  We went up the day before so we could do some treasure hunting while we were there.  We went to several flea markets and visited a couple of shops in downtown Prattville. Downtown Prattville is such a cute little town.  Here are a coupe of photos I took while there (ignore that piece of fuzz that was apparently on my camera lens and appears in most all of my photos - ugghhh - how did I not see that????):

We also went to the Junior League Christmas show, grabbed a little dinner then we rode out to The Chapel to make sure we knew where we were going the next morning so we wouldn't get lost.  No, we weren't stalking, we were just making sure we had the correct directions.  (Just because we rode around the Chapel three times trying to see in the windows doesn't mean we were stalking...) Needless to say by the time we get to the hotel and get settled in it is late.  Of course, Linda is thinking we need to get there at 7:00 a.m. since the market opens at 9:00 which means we have to get up at the bootiecrack of dawn, have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person???? and its now close to midnight????
Before I know it the clock is going off and it is here!  The big day is here!!  We get ready and head out, red, scratchy eyes and all.  I'm thinking the last time my eyes were this red I'd had a whole lotta fun the night before, not that I didn't have fun at the Junior League Christmas Show, but let's just say it wasn't the same kinda fun.  I'll just leave it at that...  I ask Linda what we're gonna do if we get there and there aren't any other crazy ladies there, just us two crazy ladies, and she said we'd just sit in the car.  I'm thinking, well, I'll just take me a little nap.  But there are some other crazy ladies there when we  arrive, not as many as we thought, but a few.  Now, here is the first exciting thing that happened to me that day.  We park next to a car with three crazy ladies in it and when we all get out turns out they are from Spanish Fort and they follow my FB page, and get this, THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHO LINDA WAS!!!  That's right, they knew ME and NOT Linda!  That's a first!!  So after I rub that in we head up to the Chapel.  Turns out there's a few other crazy ladies already there so we take our place (well, Linda takes our place as I look down and realize I have left my brand new fabulous necklace that I had just bought last week in Franklin in the hotel room and I high tail it back to the hotel to get it!).  When I get back there is definitely a line and I'm thinking, thank goodness Linda made me get up at the bootiecrack of dawn to get here, which of course I'm having to explain so people don't think I'm cutting in line.  So people, this is what happens when you don't get up at the bootiecrack of dawn - you end up at the end of this line:
But when you get up at the bootiecrack of dawn you get to stand up here (see the lady with big blue purse?  well we were behind her):
But here's the big pay-off for getting up at the bootiecrack of dawn:  When I finally get back up to the porch I find Linda standing there talking to non-other than Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.  Of course she and Linda are long-time blog buddies.  And it gets better.  A little while later out comes KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms.  She was so cute and funny, just like you'd imagine!  They make a big deal out of how long we've been waiting in line, take our pictures and stuff and go back inside.  Then the lady kind of in charge comes out and says "I'm about to make y'all real happy" and she opens the doors and there she was, Marian a/k/a Miss Mustard Seed.  O.M.Gosh! Miss Mustard Seed is standing right in front of me!! She is standing there talking to us just like its no big deal!  Lawdy, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening, yep, there she was, RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.ME!  (yep, I know, you'd have thought it was the queen or something, right?  Well, to me it was the same equivalent.)
She is so nice and genuine, just like you'd imagine.  She talked and answered questions like she had all the time in the world.  I'm standing there thinking, wow!  I'm talking to Miss Mustard Seed!  Of course I ask her if I can have my picture made with her and she kindly says yes.  Now before I post my picture I have to tell you that I am the least photogenic person you'll ever see. Seriously!  I've had people tell me that some photos don't even resemble me at all.  I sure wish I had seen Cara of Maskcara's post where she gives you tips on how to look thin in photos before yesterday. Even tho I didn't see it in time it still made me feel better about myself because her model was thin and even she looked "fluffy" in her "before" photos.  So that being said, here's my photo with Marian:
See I'm not fibbing, that's really me with Miss Mustard Seed!!  (It was also a very bad hair day for me!)  After visiting for a while she goes back inside. 
Then they open the doors to go inside.  I'm headed back to Marian's space, but first I stopped to speak to KeriAnne and while talking she notices my camera strap (ok, I have to apologize I do not have a photo of my camera strap because hellooo it is on my camera and it is impossible to take a photo of it without taking it off the camera, but I promise I'll share what I did soon!)  When I tell her I made it she's like "No Way!"  then she says something I just couldn't believe, she asked ME if I had a card.  Wait, did KariAnne just ask ME for my business card???  O.M.GEEEE  Have I died and gone to heaven??? I was so blown away I had to get someone to take our picture of HER holding MY card!!
I also exchanged cards with this lady (and I regret I didn't get a picture with her):
Uh-huh, you're reading that correctly, that would be Heather from At the Picket Fence.  I also met Layla of The Lettered Cottage, Shauna of Perfectly Imperfect, and Susan of Maple and Magnolia.  I treated myself to an Urban Farmgirl t-shirt, but she was a little busy so I didn't get to meet her.
Here are the other treasures I treated myself too, all from Miss Mustard Seed.
I think I may start an old clock collection, and I don't know why, but the bingo cage just spoke to me so I had to take it home.  All of her prices were very reasonable!  I also got her to autograph my book, and her hubby was so sweet I asked him to autograph it too.  He said that was a first! Now I can be remembered as the first crazy lady who asked Mr. Mustard Seed for an autograph!

Well, that's about it.  All in all it was a very exciting day for me.  I am very fortunate to be friends with Linda (and not just because she is friends with the big blog girls), but she is a super sweet and talented lady and I really enjoyed tagging along with her.  Thanks Linda for a super time!  (and this time I made sure I got a photo of us together!)

It was a great show and I hope they do it again next year!  If they do and you are able to go I highly recommend it!


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The Bicycle

Yesterday I had the most phenomenal day attending the Chapel Market and I can't wait to share all those details, but this post is about a treasure I found along the way.  My friend and I went up a day early to go treasure hunting and looky what I found:

Isn't she a beauty!!  Okay, truthfully I have to say that my friend found her first, but she knew I have a thing for old bicycles so she let me have it.  Isn't she sweet?!  (Plus, secretly I think she thought that since I was driving if she didn't want to walk home then perhaps it'd be a good idea to let me have it. Not that I would leave her stranded three hours from home or anything.  Well, I don't think I would...)  It was so funny too 'cause on the way up there I was telling her how I wish I could've bought a bicycle I had seen at City Farmhouse when we went to Franklin, TN last week.  It was all kinds of rusty yumminess, but even if I could've fit it in the car it was a little out of my budget. 
Well, all good things come to those who wait, and here was my payback!  So, I get her in the house and even though I was tired I couldn't wait to get her in place, but the question was "where to put her?" Then I looked at the table behind her which is behind the sofa and I thought hmmmmm....  Yep, I put her up there!  See!

Of course, I'm not sure how long she's gonna last up there.  She's pretty steady, but I'm thinking the first time a big ol' teenage boy flops on the sofa its a goner. I told my husband I was gonna give it a whirl and see how it goes.  I have a couple of other places to put her, but for now I really like it here.  Speaking of teenage boys, mine came home and walked right past this and didn't even see it!  How in the heck can you walk by a rusty old bicycle that has never been there before sitting on a table behind the sofa NOT friggin' see it???  Boys!
So after I get it up on the table and make sure it's not gonna fall off (ok, well maybe it did fall off one time, but it was my fault and luckily I had those slip covers made out of a drop cloth so I can just drop them in the washer! but first I'm gonna make sure a teenage boy doesn't knock it over, although I think we're pretty safe since he only emerges from his room to go to the kitchen) Now, as I was saying, once I got it up there I was arranging some old framed photos around it when I had a light bulb moment!  I could attach photographs to the spokes!!  So I dug through a box of old photos my mom gave me and picked out a few and clipped them to the spokes.

I added them on the other side too so that it looked nice from both sides.
Don't ya just luv that patina!

Check out that seat!  (yes, that button is a pic of me from a family vacation to the beach when I was about 11 or 12, a very long time ago)

Aren't those petrified tires the coolest!!  (and yes, that's another photo of me when I was about 10 with my 10-speed. Remember when those were the coolest?)

And check out all this rusty yumminess!

Luckily Mr. Flower Child luvs old rusty things as much as I do.  I think we were made for each other!


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Funky Junk

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Road Trippin'

I'm very fortunate to be personal friends with Linda over at Coastal Charm.  If you've not visited her blog then you need to hop on over there 'cause you are definitely missing out!  So a couple of months ago Linda calls me up and asks me if I'd like to go on a couple of road trips with her and when she told me where and what we'd be doing I immediately said "Heck Yeah!!" as I jumped up and down!  Well, after waiting and waiting it was finally time to go.  Even Mr. Flower Child and Flower Bud were excited for me 'cause if you can't tell I NEVER go anywhere except to hang out under my carport with all my junk treasures.  So last week Linda and I hopped in the car and headed to Franklin, Tennessee for the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Sale.  I had no idea what to expect, but let me tell ya it far exceeded any expectations I had.  Lots and lots of eye candy!! 

Here I am about to head into the sale.  Aren't these pumpkins gorgeous?

I can't tell y'all what all kind of good stuff was under this big ol' tent!  I could've just moved on in, but even if they had left all that yummy goodness for me I would have missed Mr. Flower Child and Flower Bud.  Well, eventually I would have missed them...  Yeah, I think I would have missed them...  Then again, there was an awful lot yumminess...  Nah, I'm kidding I would have missed them!  eventually...
One of my favorite things was this arbor by Judy Hill of J Hill DesignsI really enjoyed chatting with her.  I could've sat right there and talked to her for the rest of the day!
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw this:
It was so exciting for me to meet Laura.  As most of you know I'm not a big blogger, but I do occasionally link up to the linky parties and Laura was kind enough to feature a piece of furniture I did.  I have corresponded with her a couple of times since then and she has always been so sweet.  I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to finally get to meet her in person!  She is so tiny!  and so, so sweet!!  and her hubby is super sweet too!  He is so supportive of her, it was nice watching them work together. 
I have to say that going with my friend Linda is like going with a celebrity (seriously!) People were constantly coming up to her and saying "Are you Linda of Coastal Charm?" or "You look so familiar, oh you're Linda of Coastal Charm!"  Yep, all day.  It was really quite humorous.  But it was kinda nice to have someone who actually knew who I was, just for me, not as Linda's friend.  Not that I wasn't thankful, that's not what I mean, I was very thankful to be there with Linda, and grateful to her for inviting me!  I met so many people and learned so many new things, but it was just nice to know that someone in that big ol' crowd knew me for ME and not only knew me, but actually liked my work.  So, here is Ms. Laura getting ready to do her thang at her milk paint demo, isn't she just the cutest thing!
Here is a funny for ya.  After the milk paint demo Linda wanted to go on a walking tour with this lady from the Flea Market Style Magazine.  So we go and this very nice lady takes us on a tour through the market and tells us all about what she thinks the hot new trends are gonna be and the things that strike her fancy at the market.  So afterward Linda says to me "You have no idea who she was do you?"  I'm like "Nope, not a clue, but she was very, very nice and I truly enjoyed talking to her."  So Linda says, "Do you read the magazine?"  I'm like, "Well, yeah, I look at all the pictures."  Linda's all like Um-hum...  So I'm like "What am I missing here?"  and she's like "Well, Debbie, she's only the EDITOR of the magazine."  Well, holy moly, total blonde moment!  So, when I get in the car I pull out my magazine that I had brought to look at in the car and there she is, all front and center and important like...  So here is a photo of me and Ki (yeah, that's right I'm on a first-name basis with her, um-hum I chatted with her, like one-on-one for quite a while, all the while not knowing she was the FRIGGIN' EXECUTIVE EDITOR OF THE FRIGGIN' MAGAZINE, duh!  what a dunce I am sometimes! at least I had the presence of mind to have my photo made with her)

 Here's some eye candy for y'all:

Here's a pic of Linda scoping out some treasures:

Oh, and here is a pic of the fabulous barn!  Don't ya just luv it!

Well, that's about all I have to share from our trip to Franklin.  We did several other things, but I was so busy looking at everything that I forgot to take pictures!  for real!  Linda and I didn't even get a photo of us together!

Now that I shared all about our trip to Franklin, guess where Linda and I are going in the morning!  Just guess!  Have you guessed yet?  Well, we are headed to Pike Road for the Chapel Market being put on by The Lettered Cottage and guess who is gonna be there!!  Just guess!  Have you guessed yet?  Well, its gonna be MISS MUSTARD SEED!!  Yep, you heard me correctly!  Marian, Miss Mustard Seed herself, is gonna be there!!  I'M GONNA MEET MISS MUSTARD SEED!!  (Well, hopefully I'm gonna get to meet her, and I'm sure when I do all I'll get to do is say hi! but I'm thinking positive so I'm telling myself that I AM GOING TO MEET HER!)  So funny, I don't think I'd be nearly as excited if I were meeting say, oh, most any celebrity, okay, well maybe I'd be more excited to meet Brad Pitt 'cause he is pretty cute and all, and of course, maybe George Clooney, but other than that, well, okay, I do have a thing for Nikki Sixx (I know, I know who would have thunk it).

Alrighty folks, I gotta hit the sack now 'cause I gotta get up early in the morning so we can hit the road!  We are going up a day early to look for treasures along the way!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sweet Sideboard

I've been working at a client's house the past few weeks who just moved into her new house.  I've worked on several projects there, but this sideboard is my favorite!

Isn't she sweet!?  (and do you remember that mirror?  I did it several months ago along with a few others while she was in her old house)  Here is what the sideboard looked like in the beginning:
She was pretty, but you can't tell in this photo that the top was in need of a little tlc. The designer also wanted to shake things up a bit. So she sent me to a local antiques store and asked me to paint it like one she saw there.  I was going to share a photo of my inspiration piece that I had taken with my phone, but technology doesn't want to cooperate with me so guess we'll skip that part.  (and I am soooooo sure that it is NOT operator error!  yeah, I know, who am I kdding?  but my teenager isn't home to show me what I'm doing wrong.  What am I gonna do when he goes off to college????  don't even wanna think about it!) 
So I started with MMS milk paint in Ironstone.  I did add the bonding agent because while I wanted a little bit of chipping I didn't want an enormous amount.  For some reason I had difficulty on the front, not sure why, but it had major chipping even with the bonding agent added.  It was okay because as you can see in these pictures it helped add to the "layering" effect:
Unfortunately, it just kept chipping even though I had followed all the directions.  I finally decided that it had to be something on the furniture itself because the sides and the top didn't do it.  Soooo....  I sanded most of the really bad chipped areas off and mixed up some homemade chalk paint that matched the Ironstone (btw, that would be Benjamin Moore in White Dove which I found out quite by accident because I was too lazy to go home and get the fan deck and come back and match the paint so I just went to my fave Ben dealer who totally rocks and got a can of my old stand-by White Dove.  I figured if it didn't match exactly it would be okay 'cause it would just add to authenticity).  I painted over the whole front with the chalk paint and then with MMSMP in Shutter Gray.  I just kept layering the paint until I achieved the look I wanted which was an authentic built-up look, like it had been painted several times over years instead of in a couple of days.  Here are LOTS of photos for y'all:

This is what I luv about milk paint - see all that distressing?  all done by hand with a 220 grit sanding block, no electric sander required.  Didn't even break a sweat.  Sometimes I even use a damp rag.  

When it was all sanded I mixed up a little gray glaze and a little gray wax.  Then I finished it off with a couple coats of clear wax.  I also added a little silver to the hardware:

Well that's it for this sweet thang!  I have several other projects that I worked on while there that I'll be sharing so stay tuned!