Thursday, October 17, 2013

Road Trippin'

I'm very fortunate to be personal friends with Linda over at Coastal Charm.  If you've not visited her blog then you need to hop on over there 'cause you are definitely missing out!  So a couple of months ago Linda calls me up and asks me if I'd like to go on a couple of road trips with her and when she told me where and what we'd be doing I immediately said "Heck Yeah!!" as I jumped up and down!  Well, after waiting and waiting it was finally time to go.  Even Mr. Flower Child and Flower Bud were excited for me 'cause if you can't tell I NEVER go anywhere except to hang out under my carport with all my junk treasures.  So last week Linda and I hopped in the car and headed to Franklin, Tennessee for the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Sale.  I had no idea what to expect, but let me tell ya it far exceeded any expectations I had.  Lots and lots of eye candy!! 

Here I am about to head into the sale.  Aren't these pumpkins gorgeous?

I can't tell y'all what all kind of good stuff was under this big ol' tent!  I could've just moved on in, but even if they had left all that yummy goodness for me I would have missed Mr. Flower Child and Flower Bud.  Well, eventually I would have missed them...  Yeah, I think I would have missed them...  Then again, there was an awful lot yumminess...  Nah, I'm kidding I would have missed them!  eventually...
One of my favorite things was this arbor by Judy Hill of J Hill DesignsI really enjoyed chatting with her.  I could've sat right there and talked to her for the rest of the day!
I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw this:
It was so exciting for me to meet Laura.  As most of you know I'm not a big blogger, but I do occasionally link up to the linky parties and Laura was kind enough to feature a piece of furniture I did.  I have corresponded with her a couple of times since then and she has always been so sweet.  I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to finally get to meet her in person!  She is so tiny!  and so, so sweet!!  and her hubby is super sweet too!  He is so supportive of her, it was nice watching them work together. 
I have to say that going with my friend Linda is like going with a celebrity (seriously!) People were constantly coming up to her and saying "Are you Linda of Coastal Charm?" or "You look so familiar, oh you're Linda of Coastal Charm!"  Yep, all day.  It was really quite humorous.  But it was kinda nice to have someone who actually knew who I was, just for me, not as Linda's friend.  Not that I wasn't thankful, that's not what I mean, I was very thankful to be there with Linda, and grateful to her for inviting me!  I met so many people and learned so many new things, but it was just nice to know that someone in that big ol' crowd knew me for ME and not only knew me, but actually liked my work.  So, here is Ms. Laura getting ready to do her thang at her milk paint demo, isn't she just the cutest thing!
Here is a funny for ya.  After the milk paint demo Linda wanted to go on a walking tour with this lady from the Flea Market Style Magazine.  So we go and this very nice lady takes us on a tour through the market and tells us all about what she thinks the hot new trends are gonna be and the things that strike her fancy at the market.  So afterward Linda says to me "You have no idea who she was do you?"  I'm like "Nope, not a clue, but she was very, very nice and I truly enjoyed talking to her."  So Linda says, "Do you read the magazine?"  I'm like, "Well, yeah, I look at all the pictures."  Linda's all like Um-hum...  So I'm like "What am I missing here?"  and she's like "Well, Debbie, she's only the EDITOR of the magazine."  Well, holy moly, total blonde moment!  So, when I get in the car I pull out my magazine that I had brought to look at in the car and there she is, all front and center and important like...  So here is a photo of me and Ki (yeah, that's right I'm on a first-name basis with her, um-hum I chatted with her, like one-on-one for quite a while, all the while not knowing she was the FRIGGIN' EXECUTIVE EDITOR OF THE FRIGGIN' MAGAZINE, duh!  what a dunce I am sometimes! at least I had the presence of mind to have my photo made with her)

 Here's some eye candy for y'all:

Here's a pic of Linda scoping out some treasures:

Oh, and here is a pic of the fabulous barn!  Don't ya just luv it!

Well, that's about all I have to share from our trip to Franklin.  We did several other things, but I was so busy looking at everything that I forgot to take pictures!  for real!  Linda and I didn't even get a photo of us together!

Now that I shared all about our trip to Franklin, guess where Linda and I are going in the morning!  Just guess!  Have you guessed yet?  Well, we are headed to Pike Road for the Chapel Market being put on by The Lettered Cottage and guess who is gonna be there!!  Just guess!  Have you guessed yet?  Well, its gonna be MISS MUSTARD SEED!!  Yep, you heard me correctly!  Marian, Miss Mustard Seed herself, is gonna be there!!  I'M GONNA MEET MISS MUSTARD SEED!!  (Well, hopefully I'm gonna get to meet her, and I'm sure when I do all I'll get to do is say hi! but I'm thinking positive so I'm telling myself that I AM GOING TO MEET HER!)  So funny, I don't think I'd be nearly as excited if I were meeting say, oh, most any celebrity, okay, well maybe I'd be more excited to meet Brad Pitt 'cause he is pretty cute and all, and of course, maybe George Clooney, but other than that, well, okay, I do have a thing for Nikki Sixx (I know, I know who would have thunk it).

Alrighty folks, I gotta hit the sack now 'cause I gotta get up early in the morning so we can hit the road!  We are going up a day early to look for treasures along the way!