Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Bicycle

Yesterday I had the most phenomenal day attending the Chapel Market and I can't wait to share all those details, but this post is about a treasure I found along the way.  My friend and I went up a day early to go treasure hunting and looky what I found:

Isn't she a beauty!!  Okay, truthfully I have to say that my friend found her first, but she knew I have a thing for old bicycles so she let me have it.  Isn't she sweet?!  (Plus, secretly I think she thought that since I was driving if she didn't want to walk home then perhaps it'd be a good idea to let me have it. Not that I would leave her stranded three hours from home or anything.  Well, I don't think I would...)  It was so funny too 'cause on the way up there I was telling her how I wish I could've bought a bicycle I had seen at City Farmhouse when we went to Franklin, TN last week.  It was all kinds of rusty yumminess, but even if I could've fit it in the car it was a little out of my budget. 
Well, all good things come to those who wait, and here was my payback!  So, I get her in the house and even though I was tired I couldn't wait to get her in place, but the question was "where to put her?" Then I looked at the table behind her which is behind the sofa and I thought hmmmmm....  Yep, I put her up there!  See!

Of course, I'm not sure how long she's gonna last up there.  She's pretty steady, but I'm thinking the first time a big ol' teenage boy flops on the sofa its a goner. I told my husband I was gonna give it a whirl and see how it goes.  I have a couple of other places to put her, but for now I really like it here.  Speaking of teenage boys, mine came home and walked right past this and didn't even see it!  How in the heck can you walk by a rusty old bicycle that has never been there before sitting on a table behind the sofa NOT friggin' see it???  Boys!
So after I get it up on the table and make sure it's not gonna fall off (ok, well maybe it did fall off one time, but it was my fault and luckily I had those slip covers made out of a drop cloth so I can just drop them in the washer! but first I'm gonna make sure a teenage boy doesn't knock it over, although I think we're pretty safe since he only emerges from his room to go to the kitchen) Now, as I was saying, once I got it up there I was arranging some old framed photos around it when I had a light bulb moment!  I could attach photographs to the spokes!!  So I dug through a box of old photos my mom gave me and picked out a few and clipped them to the spokes.

I added them on the other side too so that it looked nice from both sides.
Don't ya just luv that patina!

Check out that seat!  (yes, that button is a pic of me from a family vacation to the beach when I was about 11 or 12, a very long time ago)

Aren't those petrified tires the coolest!!  (and yes, that's another photo of me when I was about 10 with my 10-speed. Remember when those were the coolest?)

And check out all this rusty yumminess!

Luckily Mr. Flower Child luvs old rusty things as much as I do.  I think we were made for each other!


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  1. I was in Herta's in Mobile on Friday and they have little white lights on theirs- so cool!!!

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