Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Secret Abstracts

Hello Again Groovy People!  I know, two posts in the same day!!  Don't faint!

I have some new art I want to share with you guys.  First off I'm starting a new abstract series entitled "The Calm Series."  I recently did a couple and donated them to a local charitable event.  When it came time to name them (I hate that part, sometimes I rack my brain for days trying to come up with a name!) but after doing these the name came to me immediately, "Calm Sea"

and "A Little Calm"

I really enjoyed doing them and they seem to be a hit so I thought I'd start a new series and do different sizes.

Here is the cool part, underneath the paint is a cross.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the cross, but you know me, always an afterthought.  I love painting crosses, and one day was experimenting with new cross styles and I didn't like it so I made an abstract out of it.

That made me realize something that I never noticed before, every time I start an abstract seascape or landscape I start with a cross.  I draw my horizontal line and then I draw my vertical line to give myself a reference.  I don't usually do a vertical on each end, just one end, so it makes a cross.  You can kinda see it in this photo.

So I thought "Wow!  God really does guide my hands when I paint."  Even when I'm not consciously thinking about it, He is there guiding me.  I always try to say a prayer before I paint, whether on canvas or on furniture. I try to always thank Him for the gift He has given me and ask that He guide my hands so that I do the work He wants me to do.  So that got me to thinking, as mentioned in another post I told how I have started adding bible verses on the back of my crosses, so why not add a verse about calmness on the back of these, so I did!

As with the crosses, I did a search for bible verses relating to calmness, then I printed them off.  As I sign each one I read the verses and pick the one that feels right for that piece, and then I say a little prayer that it helps whomever becomes the owner of that piece.

Just goes to show, God is always there, even in an abstract. 

Praying you feel God's calming love surrounding you today.



Abstract Crosses

Hello Groovy People!

I've got some new crosses I want to share with you.  I love painting crosses and I'm always trying new things.  Personally I don't think you can have too many crosses in the world!

Sometimes when I start painting I really have no idea what the end result will be.  I just kinda put some paint on there and keep going.

I've been playing around trying to come up with a new style of cross.  Then I thought, everyone loves those little block crosses I do so why not paint a cross similar to that style.

Its a little more in depth, not as simple, but that is what I wanted for the canvas work.

Then when I turned it over to write what I always write on the back of my crosses - "Let God's love guide the way"  

I had a thought, why not add a bible verse about God's guidance???  

So I did an internet search for bible verses relating to God's guidance and I printed them off.  

When I sign the back of each one I read the verses and pick the one that feels right for that piece.  I then say a little prayer that the piece helps whomever becomes the new owner.

I love this because it not only helps whomever becomes the owner, but it helps me as well.  It helps refresh my memory on bible verses and puts me in the right frame of mind.  

Hoping you all have a blessed day, and be sure to let God's love guide the way, he won't steer you wrong!



Monday, November 3, 2014

Angel Wings

Thought I'd share some new artwork I did last week and finally finished today. 

I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while and last month I finally got a chance to play around with it.  I did a piece for one of the stores that sells my stuff for a girls night out event.  Unfortunately I didn't get a a photo of it and it sold that night.  It was such a hit I couldn't wait to do some more.

Angel wings are so popular right now .  I think because they are so ethereal.

And maybe they make you feel protected, likey are covering you with God's love.

And really, can you think of anything prettier?

On the back I've written Psalm 91:4

"He shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge."



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seascape for the Mantle

Hello Groovy People!!  Did you ever think I was coming back to visit?!  Ha! Sometimes I wonder myself if I'm ever gonna make it back.  Well, I'll be honest, I got a little snowed under there for a while, but I'm beginning to dig myself out of the hole.  We are still working on the house, but I don't have one completed room to show ya.  Sorry.  I've been trading out services with friends who do things I don't do, like sew!  I've told y'all in the past why I don't sew, and for those who missed my tale, well it's all my mamma's fault!  She used to work in a sewing room and when I was growing up she would tell me these stories of how she would be sewing so fast she'd sew right over her fingers.  Hmmmmm...  and she wonders why I never would learn to sew...  When my friends find time to finish my projects I'll have more to show ya, but til then I thought I'd share this painting I did to go over my fireplace.  (BTW, remember how I expanded my mantle so I'd have room to put mo' stuff up there?!  Well, guess what?  Now I like it all clean and simple, who would've thunk it?!  But don't tell hubby he did all that work for nothing, I'm sure come Christmas I'll be junkin' it up - ha!)  So when we got finished with the mantle and the fireplace I put my picket fence gate up there and you won't believe it, you just won't, I'm tellin' ya you just won't, but here ya go - I DIDN'T LIKE IT! Nope, I sure didn't.  I never would have thought I'd not like my pretty little gate that my husband spent more than a hour in the hot blazin' sun to get it off the pole so we could take it home.  No, it just didn't go with the new scheme of things.  I really wanted something a little more contemporary up there so I did this really large seascape.  I wanted something calming and relaxing.  My most favorite place on earth is the beach so I imagine myself sitting in my chair at the beach watching the gulf...

I've been studying abstracts and seascapes quite a bit lately.  It's funny how your tastes change.  I never really cared for abstracts before and now its my favorite thing to paint.  Here are some close ups.  Its really hard to capture all the layers in a photograph. (Perhaps if I were a better photographer, but that's another thing I've not taken the time to learn.  If there were just more hours in the day and if I didn't require that nasty stuff called sleep...)

and, finally, here it is on my mantle which is still a work in progress.  While I am into a more minimalistic look right now I do plan to add a little somethin' somethin'.  Not sure what yet, but I'll know it when I see it.

It's rare for me to love something I did, I have this nasty habit of picking it apart and wishing I had done something different, but I pretty much love this painting.

Hope whatever is hanging out on your mantle makes you happy too.  Life is too short, put things up there that make you smile!



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oh Yes I Did Paint My Wood Floors, Thank You Very Much!

Look what I did!!!  Yep, I painted and distressed my wood floors and I LUV, LUV, LUV them!!

As I mentioned in my last post Mr. Flower Child and I have been doing some updates to the ol' family homestead.  One thing that I have been wanting to do for a while was paint and distress my wood floors.  I did not realize when we moved in about 10 years ago what bad shape they were in.  The people who lived here prior had a lot of furniture so I did not realize how scratched up they were until it was all gone.  Of course over the past ten years they have deteriorated even more.  Here's a close up so you can see how bad they were in some places:

I had suggested painting and distressing them a while back, but Mr. Flower Child wasn't real keen on the idea.  Then I went to the flooring store one day to see about having a rug made for his showroom and guess what they were selling, um hum, white distressed wood flooring.   Yeah, I know it takes the world a few years to catch up with me!  ha!  Of course, after Mr. Flower Child found out they were selling it at the store, THEN it was okay for me to paint the floors (I will refrain from commenting any further on that!) My only hold-back was top coating them.  I knew if I used polyurethane then we would have to leave the house for a few days because there is no way to get from the back of our house where all the bedrooms are located to other side where all the living spaces are located.  Then one day I was reading a Facebook post by the sweet Laura at The Ironstone Nest about the floors they had done in their new store.  They were really neat, they used plywood and milk paint!  but what really caught my attention was that she finished them off with Miss Mustard Seed HEMP OIL!!  That got my wheels to turning, 'cause if I could use hemp oil, then we wouldn't have to move out for several days, and that also meant I could do them in sections!  Oh yaaayyy!!  So this is what we did:

First I mixed up a large batch of homemade chalk paint.  (Ok, sorry, I thought I had written down the measurements to share, and I probably did, but only the Big Man upstairs knows where I put them...) First we "cut in" with a brush, then we rolled on two coats (the photo below shows one coat), just like painting a wall:

Here it is after the two coats have dried.  I had originally planned to randomly stencil a really large damask design, but Mr. Flower Child asked me not too (but who knows, if I ever get finished painting this house a gazillion years from now he might just come home one day to find a random damask here or there... *wink*wink*)

Then I got out my handy dandy little palm sander and I sanded it.  Uh huh, I said my handy dandy little palm sander.  Uh huh, on my hands and knees.  (I could not have done this without knee pads!!)  Yes, there is probably something larger that you can use, but I am too impatient to go to the store and find out.  I also felt like it would be too strong and would probably take too much off.  At this point Mr. Flower Child asks if I really want to distress it because he really likes the floor the way it is, but I knew it would be too difficult to maintain it weren't distressed.  I knew the first scratch was coming sooner rather than later and that it would be more difficult to keep clean.  To be honest, the sanding really didn't take that long, but it did make a HUGE mess!  There was dust EVERYWHERE!!  It didn't bother me because everything needed to be wiped off and cleaned anyway and this was a sure fire guarantee that it would actually get done!  

Now here is a little tip.  When rolling it on don't be all nice and neat.  Mr. Flower Child is a lot little OCD and so he rolled it on in nice little neat rows.  Well when the rows overlap and then you sand, it looks like this (see where the paint is darker in one spot, well it looks like that all the way across the room, but I've sanded in places so it doesn't look like a "row"):

Luckily it isn't that noticeable in the whole scheme of things, but when I painted the other side of the room I made sure to roll it on in random patterns as opposed to nice neat little rows.  There are still areas where it overlaps, but it is not in nice little neat rows all the way across the room.

Once I finished sanding I swept and vacuumed really good, and then I applied the hemp oil.  Now, I did not use Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil (although I have used it on furniture and I really like it!), but the closest retailer to me is about 40 minutes away, and I knew they did not stock the hemp oil in gallon sizes.  It is also a location that the person who sells the MMS products is not actually there so I knew I would not be able inquire about ordering a larger size, so I went to my local health food store and bought a different brand.  I don't know about all brands, but the Nutivia brand says it is "raw organic unrefined hempseed oil" so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'm thinking hempseed oil is hempseed oil, right?  The really good part is it was about half the price as the MMS brand!  Not knocking MMS, but any time I can save some money, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  I would also like to say that you can order the MMS Hemp Oil in the gallon size from Laura at The Irsonstone Nest.  She is very helpful and more than happy to help you (and had I not been so impatient I could have gotten it from her)!  After sweeping and vacuuming I just poured the hemp oil on my mop and "mopped" my floor with it.  

After applying it I flipped my mop over to the dry side and went over it to remove any excess oil.

And that groovy people is that!  The great thing about the hemp oil besides it being 100% natural is that you can walk on it immediately with socks!  and then with shoes after about 24 hours!  I was able to move everything back the next day and then painted the other side of the room.   

We absolutely love it!  and so has everyone who has seen it.  We did it about a month ago and so far I haven't had any problems.  I did get a little nervous the first time I mopped and it got really splotchy.  I thought "oh crap!  don't tell me I'm gonna have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub this every time I mop!" (there were a few choice words I can't repeat that were also running through my mind)  but then I sprayed some Clorox Clean-Up and mopped and it was just as pretty and clean as before!

Alright groovy people, I'm outa here for now, but I got lots of things in the works so hope to be back soon! 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

I appreciate everyone's kind words yesterday about my art!  Since so many of you said you'd like to see more of my art I thought y'all might enjoy this post I did back in January which you may have missed.  You can also click on the tab at the top that says "Artwork" and finally, if you do FaceBook then be sure to like my page because I'm a much better FaceBooker than I am a blogger - ha! and I share just about everything on FB.  

I'll shut up now, here's the post from January (for your convenience I just copied it for you so you didn't have to click on a link, and for those who may have seen it before I hope you enjoy it a second time):

So y'all know I paint furniture and do other crafty things, but few of you know that my first love is painting on canvas.  I only began painting about four years ago and with the exception of several workshops and a few classes at our local art center I am pretty much self-taught.  I had always wanted to paint, but because I am so anal/OCD I would never allow myself because I knew I would never be happy with what came out on the canvas. I knew I would never be able to get it to look like what was in my head and that it would drive me crazy.  Then one day a friend called me and said she and a group of her friends had been taking a workshop from a local artist in town and asked me to join them.  I was hesitant at first because I knew I'd probably drive myself crazy, but then decided to just go with a good attitude and just have fun.  Well, I had fun alright.  I cannot tell you what it felt like, like it was something I was always supposed to do.  I was so excited that when I got home I cried while telling my husband about it!  And that's how it started and I've been painting ever since! I do have my funny little rules tho, like you'll notice I mainly paint abstracts or in a whimsical nature.  I will NEVER allow myself to paint something that is supposed to look realistic.!  No.lie! 

Because of my limited experience and lack of formal training I do struggle quite a bit getting what I want on the canvas, but I persevere, sometimes repainting a canvas numerous times.  But when it's right and its flowing there is no better feeling!  That's how it was with this painting.  It just happened. Originally I was painting a corn field.  Yep, you read that right, a corn field. But this is what came out:

Nope, that's not a corn field.  Apparently God had something else in mind because this is what he guided my hands to do.  

It isn't often I am totally and completely happy with a painting.  There is always some little something I wish I had done differently.

But this one, well, I'm pretty happy with it.  

So happy, that when I was done, I cried.

I hope you like it too!  I have named it "Watching" because I feel like they are watching over me.

Best wishes for a new year filled with blessings and lots of angels watching over you!