Friday, January 24, 2014

A Little Restoration Hardware Deconstructed Action

Last October when I went to Franklin, Tennessee I picked up a couple of little Victorian chairs.  Originally I planned to do a distressed silver leaf finish.  It was going to be so cool!  But, after stripping them I removed the fabric and look what I found!:

Who would have thought all that coolness was hiding underneath this:

So my original plan went out the window (although I still think they would have looked really cool with that distressed silver leaf finish, but I'll eventually find the right chairs for that particular finish).  I mean people are paying mega bucks for that deconstructed look and here it was practically handed to me. 

I was going to add some gray wash to it, but then decided to leave it alone. 

I mean, why mess with it when it was practically perfect the way it was?

I just love that rustic finish!  

So I just added a couple of coats of clear wax.

And how about all that yummy burlap!!  LOVE!  Here's a back view:

I really love this one with the printed burlap:

I will admit that the seats are a little prickly when you sit on them, but let's be honest, these chairs really aren't for sitting, they're just for looks.  Really awesome looks!  Of course, this look isn't for everyone.  Personally I love it, but I can certainly understand if it isn't for you.  I'll be putting them in our booth, but secretly I'm hoping they don't sell (don't tell Mr. Flower Child!). If you are local be sure to drop by the Daphne Antique Galleria and check them out in person!



  1. I stripped a French chair that I found on the side of a dumpster. It was pretty hideous. Mine looks similiar to yours and I loooove the wood that color and all the nail holes with either darkness or bits of fabric stuck in them. Looks great! They are a pain to strip but well worth it. You did well.

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