Thursday, July 17, 2014

I appreciate everyone's kind words yesterday about my art!  Since so many of you said you'd like to see more of my art I thought y'all might enjoy this post I did back in January which you may have missed.  You can also click on the tab at the top that says "Artwork" and finally, if you do FaceBook then be sure to like my page because I'm a much better FaceBooker than I am a blogger - ha! and I share just about everything on FB.  

I'll shut up now, here's the post from January (for your convenience I just copied it for you so you didn't have to click on a link, and for those who may have seen it before I hope you enjoy it a second time):

So y'all know I paint furniture and do other crafty things, but few of you know that my first love is painting on canvas.  I only began painting about four years ago and with the exception of several workshops and a few classes at our local art center I am pretty much self-taught.  I had always wanted to paint, but because I am so anal/OCD I would never allow myself because I knew I would never be happy with what came out on the canvas. I knew I would never be able to get it to look like what was in my head and that it would drive me crazy.  Then one day a friend called me and said she and a group of her friends had been taking a workshop from a local artist in town and asked me to join them.  I was hesitant at first because I knew I'd probably drive myself crazy, but then decided to just go with a good attitude and just have fun.  Well, I had fun alright.  I cannot tell you what it felt like, like it was something I was always supposed to do.  I was so excited that when I got home I cried while telling my husband about it!  And that's how it started and I've been painting ever since! I do have my funny little rules tho, like you'll notice I mainly paint abstracts or in a whimsical nature.  I will NEVER allow myself to paint something that is supposed to look realistic.!  No.lie! 

Because of my limited experience and lack of formal training I do struggle quite a bit getting what I want on the canvas, but I persevere, sometimes repainting a canvas numerous times.  But when it's right and its flowing there is no better feeling!  That's how it was with this painting.  It just happened. Originally I was painting a corn field.  Yep, you read that right, a corn field. But this is what came out:

Nope, that's not a corn field.  Apparently God had something else in mind because this is what he guided my hands to do.  

It isn't often I am totally and completely happy with a painting.  There is always some little something I wish I had done differently.

But this one, well, I'm pretty happy with it.  

So happy, that when I was done, I cried.

I hope you like it too!  I have named it "Watching" because I feel like they are watching over me.

Best wishes for a new year filled with blessings and lots of angels watching over you!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glass Art

I know y'all won't believe you're getting another blog post from me, not only in the same month, but the same week!  I'm full of surprises!  Today I attended a monthly meeting of a local blogger's group I'm a member of, the Southern Jubilee Bloggers (yes, they let me participate even tho I never post, I think they really like me - ha!) On the way home my friend asked me how come I never blog about my art.  I started to say "helllooo I never blog about anything," but I kept my smartypants remark to myself.  The main reason I don't blog more often is because I do most of my photographs on my "big" computer and I'm always in a hurry.  At night I sit in my chair with my laptop and my photos aren't on that computer.  There is probably a way to rectify that, but I'm not tech savvy so unless someone shows me, well it ain't gonna happen.  So there ya go.  You're getting lucky 'cause today as I was getting ready to run some errands it started storming so I thought to myself, nope, not going out in that stuff so I sat down at the computer instead to share with you groovy people!  And thanks to my sweet friend I'm sharing some art.  Hope y'all like it!

I've been working with broken glass a lot lately, and if you follow my FB page you have probably seen things I've posted.  I saw this type of art several years ago and I have been fascinated by it ever since.  Plus, as many of you know, my husband owns a glass company so I thought it would behoove me to learn to work in this medium.  This is the first piece I did, entitled "First Bloom":

Then back in March right before the art show I participated in I asked my husband to bring me home a bucket of broken glass, and 3 days before the show I created "Ollie" (yes, just what I needed to be doing 3 days before the show!):

Well, Ollie was a BIG hit!  I ended up receiving 3 more orders, 2 more octopi and 1 crab. Here they are, these all measure approximately a little over 4'x4':

Then I created a smaller version (3'x3') for the Fairhope Artist Gallery where I display my work.  Here's a photo of it:

I'm happy to report that it sold not long ago, so yesterday I dropped off a couple more pieces.  "Speckled Steve" is a speckled trout measuring approx 16" x 49.5"

Here's a close up so you can see his spots:

Of course I had to make a peace sign, duh, it is titled "Peace Y'all" and measures approximately 2'x2'.

Here is a commissioned piece I dropped off today.  They wanted a cross and I think it turned out nice.

I have some other ideas floating around in my mind, and Mr. Flower Child is supposed to get me some other colors.  All of these were made from large pieces of broken glass he removed from a business or residence that were being thrown away, so not only pretty, but helping out Mother Earth too!



BTW, if you'd like to see more of my artwork, please click on the tab at the top of the blog entitled "Artwork."  You can also visit my FaceBook page.  :-)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mantle Expansion

Woodoggie it's still here!  I've been away so long I wasn't sure my blog would still be here, but it was, like it always is, just waiting for me to come visit and give it some luv.  I have been so neglectful these past few months, ever since I did the art show in March it seems I haven't been able to catch up. And  truthfully while I've been busy, there wasn't really anything exciting to share with you groovy people.   I did have a couple of really cool jobs, but they were on location and I forgot my camera.  And to be honest one of them I did in a garage and even if the lighting had been decent when I was finished I was so doggone tired I don't think I could have held the camera straight.  I really hate it too cause those pieces were fabulous (and if I'm saying they were fabulous then they were fabulous because I'm NEVER completely happy with any of my work!  Never.  Ever.) I just hate that none of you groovy people will ever see them.  

I have some news!  About this time last year I posted on my FB page that we had sold our house.  It wasn't on the market, but we have some friends who love it and wanted to buy it.  Unfortunately they never could get a good offer for their house so we all decided to stay where we were.  It is past time to paint and do some other things and about a month or two ago we got started on some projects, another reason I've been away so long.  Of course it wasn't planned.  It kinda happened like this:

Me to Mr. Flower Child: "I don't guess we're ever going to do any of the things I want to do to this house" (hint hint)

Mr. Flower Child:  "Well what do you want to do?"

Me:  "Well, for one thing I want to expand the mantle."

and that groovy people is how it started.  Next thing I know we're on our way to Lowe's and by that afternoon my mantle was longer and wider!!  yaaaayyy!!  I had done lots of reading up on the subject, and truth be told I could have done it by myself, but sometimes I have to let Mr. Flower Child help so he feels all manly and stuff (plus, then I don't have to to do it! ha!) There are lots of blog posts out there on the subject, and they're all very similar.  This is what we did:

We started with this (btw, all that stuff around it isn't usually there, it just got stuck there as we were moving things out of the way and I was too lazy to move it for the picture):

It measured 8" wide, which isn't as narrow as some, but it was never quite wide enough.

Originally I wanted to add a 1 x 10 and then a 1 x 12, but I was to cheap budget conscience to go to that expense so we just added a 1 x 12.  (It's kinda hard to see it in the pic below, and if I was a really good blogger, which we have already established that I am not, but if I were I would edit my photo and add some cute little arrows pointing to the board, but since we're all lucky I'm getting this far let's make life simple and pretend like I put a couple of arrows pointing to the board on top.  The plus side to pretending is that you can make the arrows any color you want!  *wink*wink*)

We secured it by adding some wood glue and screwing it down on the top.

I filled the holes with some wood putty and sanded it after it dried (I promise it was much smoother than it looks in the photo). 

We also added some shims because, and get ready to alert the world, MR. FLOWER CHILD WAS RIGHT when he told me the board I picked out was too bowed.  I didn't think it was that bad, but when we put it on top of the existing mantle and you looked at it from the side, oh my goodness it was bad! Sadly, it was the best one out of what they had there.  I think everyone had decided to expand their mantles on the same day any they bought all the 1 x 12's!  Luckily this little piece of wood solved the problem!  (Okay, once again pretend like there are cute little arrows pointing to that little piece of wood right there - go ahead and make that arrow any color you want!)

After we got the 1 x 12 secured we added the trim molding.  First we added some around the side. (I'm not even touching the subject of mitering the corners, just not gonna go there, but you can Google it and people far more experienced than me can explain it to ya.)  We attached it using some wood glue and my brad/nail gun and I filled the holes with some wood putty.  If you don't have a nail gun I suggest you run to the store and buy one cause it is the greatest thing evah!  Seriously, if you don't have a nail gun you can attach the molding the old-fashioned way with a real hammer and brads.

Then we added some trim molding on the underside using the same method.  This also covered up the shim we used to level out the bowed board.

After the trim molding was attached I got out my handy dandy caulking gun and caulked all the cracks.  (awe, did you notice that hubby bought me a caulking gun in my fave color?  he's so sweet!)

When I was done all of that fake black marble ceramic tile stuck out like a sore thumb and I knew it was not going to work with the new color scheme that was happening in my mind.

So I taped and covered all of it (sorry, I neglected to take a photo of this step and I did such a good job.  BTW, do you know it takes FOREVER to tape and cover, ugghh!!) and I painted it.  Yep, you read that right, I painted it using this stuff:

This stuff is fabulous!  It's like magic in a can!  I really like the "Charcoal" color and originally started with that, but it was a little too dark for what I have in mind so I changed to the "Granite."   Check it out!  

Pretty cool, huh?!  In person it really feels like stone, kind of has a texture like cement.

I also painted all that "brass" a pewter color.  I used a product called Sophisticated Finishes in "Pewter."  I meant to take a picture of the bottle, but forgot, sorry.  I just love this product!  I will be honest and say that I haven't used any other color, but I can testify that the Pewter is great!

And here it is all finished!  

You'll probably notice that I painted the wall, which I was going to reveal in another post, but of course when I painted the mantle I got paint on the wall so I went ahead and painted the walls too since they were going to get painted anyway.  Can you say SNOWBALL EFFECT?  but more  on that later, and I mean later because EVERYTHING in my house is getting painted, from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between!

I just love the way the fireplace turned out!  (Ignore that spot of trim paint on the wall, it has been fixed!)

And look at that width!  I can't wait to decorate!

Alrighty groovy people, I'm outa here, but bear with me 'cause I'm gonna have lots more to show ya!