Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seascape for the Mantle

Hello Groovy People!!  Did you ever think I was coming back to visit?!  Ha! Sometimes I wonder myself if I'm ever gonna make it back.  Well, I'll be honest, I got a little snowed under there for a while, but I'm beginning to dig myself out of the hole.  We are still working on the house, but I don't have one completed room to show ya.  Sorry.  I've been trading out services with friends who do things I don't do, like sew!  I've told y'all in the past why I don't sew, and for those who missed my tale, well it's all my mamma's fault!  She used to work in a sewing room and when I was growing up she would tell me these stories of how she would be sewing so fast she'd sew right over her fingers.  Hmmmmm...  and she wonders why I never would learn to sew...  When my friends find time to finish my projects I'll have more to show ya, but til then I thought I'd share this painting I did to go over my fireplace.  (BTW, remember how I expanded my mantle so I'd have room to put mo' stuff up there?!  Well, guess what?  Now I like it all clean and simple, who would've thunk it?!  But don't tell hubby he did all that work for nothing, I'm sure come Christmas I'll be junkin' it up - ha!)  So when we got finished with the mantle and the fireplace I put my picket fence gate up there and you won't believe it, you just won't, I'm tellin' ya you just won't, but here ya go - I DIDN'T LIKE IT! Nope, I sure didn't.  I never would have thought I'd not like my pretty little gate that my husband spent more than a hour in the hot blazin' sun to get it off the pole so we could take it home.  No, it just didn't go with the new scheme of things.  I really wanted something a little more contemporary up there so I did this really large seascape.  I wanted something calming and relaxing.  My most favorite place on earth is the beach so I imagine myself sitting in my chair at the beach watching the gulf...

I've been studying abstracts and seascapes quite a bit lately.  It's funny how your tastes change.  I never really cared for abstracts before and now its my favorite thing to paint.  Here are some close ups.  Its really hard to capture all the layers in a photograph. (Perhaps if I were a better photographer, but that's another thing I've not taken the time to learn.  If there were just more hours in the day and if I didn't require that nasty stuff called sleep...)

and, finally, here it is on my mantle which is still a work in progress.  While I am into a more minimalistic look right now I do plan to add a little somethin' somethin'.  Not sure what yet, but I'll know it when I see it.

It's rare for me to love something I did, I have this nasty habit of picking it apart and wishing I had done something different, but I pretty much love this painting.  


Hope whatever is hanging out on your mantle makes you happy too.  Life is too short, put things up there that make you smile!