Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Secret Abstracts

Hello Again Groovy People!  I know, two posts in the same day!!  Don't faint!

I have some new art I want to share with you guys.  First off I'm starting a new abstract series entitled "The Calm Series."  I recently did a couple and donated them to a local charitable event.  When it came time to name them (I hate that part, sometimes I rack my brain for days trying to come up with a name!) but after doing these the name came to me immediately, "Calm Sea"

and "A Little Calm"

I really enjoyed doing them and they seem to be a hit so I thought I'd start a new series and do different sizes.

Here is the cool part, underneath the paint is a cross.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the cross, but you know me, always an afterthought.  I love painting crosses, and one day was experimenting with new cross styles and I didn't like it so I made an abstract out of it.

That made me realize something that I never noticed before, every time I start an abstract seascape or landscape I start with a cross.  I draw my horizontal line and then I draw my vertical line to give myself a reference.  I don't usually do a vertical on each end, just one end, so it makes a cross.  You can kinda see it in this photo.

So I thought "Wow!  God really does guide my hands when I paint."  Even when I'm not consciously thinking about it, He is there guiding me.  I always try to say a prayer before I paint, whether on canvas or on furniture. I try to always thank Him for the gift He has given me and ask that He guide my hands so that I do the work He wants me to do.  So that got me to thinking, as mentioned in another post I told how I have started adding bible verses on the back of my crosses, so why not add a verse about calmness on the back of these, so I did!

As with the crosses, I did a search for bible verses relating to calmness, then I printed them off.  As I sign each one I read the verses and pick the one that feels right for that piece, and then I say a little prayer that it helps whomever becomes the owner of that piece.

Just goes to show, God is always there, even in an abstract. 

Praying you feel God's calming love surrounding you today.




  1. Absolutely beautiful. The message and the painting!

  2. What a unique way to give each piece a special personal touch. Although I'm not religious, I believe that we pass on our energy to others with every exchange, be it negative or positive. I believe that you are spreading your positive energy and love to others through your work and that's just awesome! And it's really groovy too! ;-)

  3. I love your creative process! So pretty, Debbie.

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