About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Flower Child Designs!  I am the creator of all this madness.  I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who believes in me and puts up with all this craziness!  I am also lucky enough to be the mother of Alex, the best son evah!

So what’s this all about?  Well, here’s a little bit of my story:
I have always been creative, but never really took it seriously.  In fact, I would usually make some joke when someone would compliment me on something I had done.  Until recently when a kind soul lectured me quite sternly about not embracing God’s gifts to me.  That really made me think!  I am very grateful for God’s gifts to me, even though there are times (and I’m sure my husband agrees), when I view it as a curse – lol!, but I am grateful.  In fact, I am so grateful that I have taken a leap (GIANT JUMP OFF MT. EVEREST) of faith and quit my job (YES, IN THIS ECONOMY!!  YES I’M CRAZY!!!) as a legal slave secretary to pursue a life of junk lovin' paint splattered days!  My goal is to use God’s gifts to me to put a smile on your face by "bringing you peace, love & happiness with the fun, funky & fabulous!"

So here we go folks!!  I hope you enjoy following along on this new journey my family and I have decided to take!! 

Peace, Luv & Happiness to All!
Debbie J